June 15, 2021
Best Ways to Engage With Your Remote Employees
Performance Management 17 March 2020
Best Ways to Engage With Your Remote Employees and Why
Dillon Chen
Just like your in-house employees, they are an integral part of your team! Learning how to best build a relationship and strengthen the employee experience. Staying connected with your remote employees is just as important as doing so with employees you see in the office every morning.
Succession Planning 16 March 2020
Optimizing Internal Hiring with Pathways
Hannah Son
By utilizing high-impact succession planning—a dynamic, continual hiring optimization process—organizations are able to avoid mistakes in hiring and ultimately save time and money.
Succession Planning 13 March 2020
How to Prevent Employee Turnover with ProSky Pathways
Matthew Ang
Remember the excitement, the energy, and the motivation that your brand new hires brought into the company on his or her first day? Fast forward some time and the employee loses that excitement, energy, and motivation, and then he or she quits. What happened? Let’s quickly pinpoint the biggest problems and how ProSky Pathways can solve it.
Performance Management 13 March 2020
The Best Ways to Evaluate Remote Employees
Dillon Chen
Employee Evaluations are an important part of growing a company. When done properly, it can be a great source of information and essential to Succession Pathways within your company. Evaluations often consist of performance analysis that is used in employee improvement as well as internal promotions and pay raises. Things are a little different when evaluating remote workers as there is no daily in-person interaction to evaluate.
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Performance Management 12 March 2020
Working Successfully with Remote Employees
Dillon Chen
In management, there are different challenges working with different types employees. In particular, remote employees can be difficult to manage and develop a successful working relationship with because they are not in the office. Some managers find it really hard to be in charge of somebody they don't see every day. On the other hand, remote employees can feel isolated from the company and unable to find answers to questions or get guidance on their work.
pathways, succession planning, hiring
Succession Planning 10 March 2020
Introducing Pathways: Recruiting Meets Succession Planning
Gisel Malek
Does the walker choose the path or the path choose the walker? Everyone wants to be on a path, but most importantly when it comes to a professional environment being on a path signifies heading towards something.
score big with succession planning
Succession Planning 10 March 2020
How to Score Big with Succession Planning
Dillon Chen
The Championships are here! Who are you hoping comes out on top? The Warriors or The Cavs? Whatever side you're on you know everyone needs to be on point and that the game can't be carried by one single star.
How To Improve Employee Experience
Succession Planning 09 March 2020
How To Improve Employee Experience
Alexis Ang
Companies and brands spend endless hours on improving the customer experience. But what about the employee experience? It was named as one of the emerging HR trends this year and we think it's here to stay.
succession planning
Succession Planning 05 March 2020
What Are the Benefits of Succession Planning?
Isabella A
Picture this, you're a successful, thriving business owner. You've got an awesome team led by a key player who we'll call Dave. All of a sudden, Dave quits without notice. What could result?
Succession Planning 04 March 2020
How to Use Succession Planning to Benefit Your Employees
Sarah Landrum
A business is never stagnant — employees constantly shift into new roles, take leave or find new jobs elsewhere. With any change, it’s up to the remaining staffers to fill the gaps or find someone else who can. A succession plan can help you keep a talented workforce on hand always — all it requires is a bit of foresight on your part.
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Succession Planning 04 March 2020
How to use Succession Planning to Train New Hires
Craig Middleton
It might be contrary to popular belief, but a company’s greatest asset is not the current value of their shares, how many followers they have on Facebook, or their commercial real estate portfolio – it’s their workforce. Employees
Hiring 27 February 2020
How to Evaluate Candidates Before Hiring
Dillon Chen
Why should you evaluate candidates before hiring? Well, you wouldn’t spend money buying a car before trying it out, right? Since some job positions are highly dependent on their technical skills and abilities, it's best to make sure they can do the work required of them before making the final hiring decision.
Hiring 24 February 2020
How to Ensure Your Employer Brand Is Helping Your Hiring Process
Linda Le Phan
As great as any product, service, or business plan looks like from the outside, no business could grow and flourish without great talent on the inside. What this means for you, as a company leader or person who’s involved in getting the right talent into your organization, is that attracting and retaining great people on your team ought to be a constant top priority.
hiring bias
Company Culture 20 February 2020
5 Benefits of Hiring People from Diverse Backgrounds
Gisel Malek
Keeping an open mind about what background candidates have not only makes you more of a diverse company, but you could be hiring a lot smarter, too!
Evaluating candidates, ATS, Qualified Candidates
Hiring 19 February 2020
Understanding Hiring Software: Why It Works and Why It Sometimes Doesn't
Britta Howlett
Many companies big and small are moving towards using applicant tracking systems or ATS, in an effort to make the hiring process less tedious. If employers relied on HR managers alone to do the vetting process, the hours would be endless.
Hiring 19 February 2020
How to Overcome Bias when Hiring
Dillon Chen
“Diversity in the Workplace” has become an often-heard phrase commonly passed around in companies across all industries. There are many reasons why a diverse company is arguably stronger than its less diverse counterpart.
Video chats in the hiring process will help you find the best talent out there.
Performance Management 11 February 2020
6 Reasons Video Chats Help with Unbiased Hiring
Clare Barkey
Technology is constantly changing and creating new benefits. Here’s how utilizing video hiring will benefit you as a hiring manager.
Company Culture 11 February 2020
Top 4 Ways to Help Your New Hires Feel More Welcomed
Dillon Chen
You’re excited - you’ve finally hired someone after several weeks of interviews and tedious paperwork! In the beginning, everything seemed to go well, they showed enthusiasm and potential. However, after some time goes by you start to notice that productivity levels are decreasing and that they don’t really have too many friends in the new office.
Training and Development 10 February 2020
7 Abilities to Look for When Hiring Graduates
Diana Adjadj
Graduates make great candidates as they are generally well-educated and happy to learn. They are newly independent are looking to work hard and make money. University will have taught them a lot, so they’ll have some decent experience to bring to the table. There are, however things to look out for when hiring graduates.
interns, hire interns, should I hire interns?, internships, summer interns
Hiring 10 February 2020
Hire Interns? Or Not to Hire Interns? That is the Question!
Dillon Chen
Oftentimes when you hear the word intern, it's usually followed by or near "free labor" or "assistant". Too often an internship which can be beneficial to both the employer but can end in a lack of satisfaction for both parties. So, to hire interns? or not to hire interns? That is the question we'll be exploring.
Hiring 10 February 2020
How to Save on the Cost of New Hires
Dillon Chen
How much does a new hire cost you? There’s a lot of information out there on this topic, and lots of studies and estimates trying to answer this question
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Hiring 10 February 2020
7 Terrible Things Recruiters Do That Scare Away Potential Hires
Audrey Robinson
Hiring can be hard, even if it’s done well. As a recruiter, you know how long and complicated the process can be. If you’re looking to optimize your hiring efforts, you’ve probably looked into things like automation and unconventional methods to fetch great candidates. But have you ever asked yourself if you may be part of the problem?
hiring, unconventional interviews, character, soft skills,
Hiring 03 February 2020
Hiring with the Heart in Mind
Britta Howlett
Interviews, when conducted properly, can really help determine many different aspects of someone’s personality. When the focus is shifted from having an “interview” to having an interaction, people loosen up and display more of themselves. Through interactions, you can find out more about a candidate and what they're really like.
burnout, employee engagement, Gen Z, millennials, Millennial Burnout Syndrome
Company Culture 27 January 2020
5 Effective Solutions for Employee Burnout
Julie Huang
Yes, burnout is real. It can formally be described as a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion that is caused by excessive and prolonged stress.
Company Culture 24 January 2020
How to Improve Employee Commitment: Be a Career Architect
Neetuabala Raina
While you expect your employees to stay committed, are you doing enough to build your credibility as well? Are you proactively analyzing roles and promotions you can give to your employees so they can grow? Can you proudly say that you are helping to build careers, or have you found that your employees are disengaged and uncommitted?

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