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Company Culture 15 January 2020
4 Tips to Drive Employee Productivity with Balance and Planning
Britta Howlett
Employee productivity is vital in keeping your company alive and thriving. When everything is going well, you probably don’t think too much about it. However, when there is little to no productivity things come to a halt.
Training and Development 15 January 2020
How to Engage Your Employees This Year
Britta Howlett
What is this year going to look like for your company? Perhaps it will be about innovative products, or perhaps this year you will focus on growth. There are many goals to be made at the beginning of a new year but I think it’s safe to say that everyone's goal is to succeed.
Company Culture 08 January 2020
Transform Your Company Culture to Boost Employee Engagement
Guest Poster
Every successful company understands the importance of developing and keeping their employees engaged and focused on a common goal. Engaged employees put everything they’ve got into their job and are willing to offer more than is required.
Training and Development 06 January 2020
Making the Leap from a Full-Time Worker to a Full-Time Business Owner
Michael Deane
Working for somebody else has its benefits – you don’t have to think about making big and important decisions, running a business, ensuring that everybody gets paid, or dealing with complicated legal stuff. Though this kind of arrangement makes you feel safer, it can still hinder your personal and professional growth and prevent you from achieving your full potential.
Company Culture 02 January 2020
5 Ways to Invest in Your Employees Now
Guest Poster
It’s no secret that most people are not completely happy with their jobs. In fact, as much as 87% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged, which is a terrible figure if you think about it. Disengaged employees who don’t like their job cannot demonstrate high productivity, which makes companies lose money every year.
Succession Planning 24 December 2019
Top ProSky Articles of 2019
Dillon Chen
Happy Holidays from ProSky! As the year comes to a close, we'd like to say thank you all for your support! It's been a big year of growth at our company blog and we owe it all to you our readers. As we begin preparing for the new year, we just want to take a moment and look back at some of the things we learned this year here at ProSky. Here are some of our top article picks from 2019.
Hiring 18 December 2019
How ATS Integration Helps Empower Your Company
Kelly Barcelos
In the corporate realm today, companies that integrate an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into their recruitment process tend to attract and hire the best candidates. It’s an innovative hiring strategy that helps organizations easily achieve their recruitment objectives since you can digitalize and centralize applicants’ information in one place and scrutinize their behavior to identify the best candidates.
Training and Development 11 December 2019
How to Give Constructive Feedback to Employees
Guest Poster
Giving negative feedback can be difficult and many employers avoid it altogether. However, negative feedback can be an important tool that increases employee engagement and productivity. It is only effective when it is delivered in a constructive way.It is only effective when it is delivered in a constructive way. With leaders as mentors, employees learn to appreciate negative feedback because they know the intention is to help them improve.
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Company Culture 04 December 2019
How Companies Can Help Keep Their Employees Fit and Healthy
Guest Poster
Ideally, a company employs and maintains healthy, high-performing staff in their workplace, but that is not always the case. For example, in the US, around half of the workers either need exercise or suffer from high cholesterol. Also, at least one in every four of them have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or are obese.
Hiring 04 December 2019
Ways and Places to Find the Best Recruits
Isabella A
In the past, traditional methods to find recruits didn’t just suffice, they were usually the only way to recruit. But gone are the days of job fairs and newspaper ads. With more companies popping up and a larger diverse talent pool, recruiters are having to think outside the box when they’re looking for new candidates.
Photo by Fox from Pexels
Company Culture 20 November 2019
5 Ways to Showcase Your Company’s Culture on Career Sites
Guest Poster
There is a reason why organizations have found that they need to focus on showcasing their company’s culture. In the job seekers’ market we now live in, companies are struggling to reach their ideal candidates—there’s so much competition out there.
Training and Development 13 November 2019
How to boost employee engagement
Serena Dorf
Disengaged employees are the biggest enemy of your business. Tools and strategies can only get your organization so far, but it is the employees who need to do their part of the work and help you to implement the planned activities.
Hiring 12 November 2019
Is Age or Experience More Important? Top 9 Tips for Employers
Guest Poster
Placing an advertisement for a job is followed by a deluge of applications. Usually, they fit into one of two categories: older, yet experienced or young and inexperienced. Which of the two is more important?
Company Culture 30 October 2019
Straightforward Ways to Make Your Company More Sustainable
Guest Poster
Creating sustainability in business operations is not only eco-friendly, but can generate sales and save on energy costs. Today’s average consumer is well-educated about the environmental effects of human activity and is ready to contribute to change, even if that means paying a bit more money to sustainable businesses.
Image from rawpixel.com
Hiring 23 October 2019
Shifting Recruiting Tactics in the Age of Tech
Guest Poster
What does the future of recruiting look like? If technology use today is already foundational to daily operations and job performance, then relying on digital tools and smart software will become an essential asset for any business or HR team looking toward success down the line.
Performance Management 16 October 2019
How to Empower Employees to Be More Successful in Their Roles
Joan Elmore
It’s not easy to push through a challenge when it feels like the odds are stacked against us. And I know you don’t want any of your employees feeling that way when they’re working for you. You want to set them up for success and create an environment where everyone can perform at their best.
Performance Management 09 October 2019
Creative Ways to Give Feedback
Guest Poster
When you are the manager, HR, or Recruitment officer, one of your fundamental responsibilities is to give feedback to your team of employees. Feedback is vital for the success of any business. However, giving feedback, whether positive or negative, is not an easy task. It requires creativity and a specific set of skills for it to be received well by the employees.
Company Culture 02 October 2019
Why Flexible Working Is the New Normal
Guest Poster
The evolution of the definition of flexible working has dramatically changed in the past five years. Not only what it means, but also who has access to it. Traditionally, flexible working arrangements were given as a benefit to ''high talented'' employees or for specific roles. However, with the rapid pace of digital transformation, flexible working is becoming the new normal.
Interviews 25 September 2019
Interview: Souvik Majumdar
Dillon Chen
Our exclusive interview with Souvik Majumdar, CEO of Continuous Performance Management software company GroSum.
Training and Development 18 September 2019
How to Help Employees Thrive and Be Successful
Craig Middleton
Behind every great working business, there is a support system of employees working hard to keep it going. There are many different methods that you can use to train your employees and if done properly you won’t have to worry about them straying away from your training.
Company Culture 11 September 2019
The Benefits of an Employee Well-Being Program
Guest Poster
Well-being programs are popular today like never before. How did they start? Big corporations started well-being programs as part of employee perks. Back then, they were called corporate fitness programs. The majority of medium and small-sized businesses have adopted well-being programs today.
Training and Development 04 September 2019
7 Ways to Create Employee Well-Being
Michael Deane
Only a happy and healthy employee is a productive employee. In order to keep your employees motivated and productive, it’s essential to create a culture of well-being and try to make sure that people who work for you are satisfied.
Performance Management 14 August 2019
Fostering Innovation and Creativity at Work: A Comprehensive Guide for Managers
Guest Poster
All business managers want their companies to grow, and increase in profitability; they need resources available to them and want the best out of their employees and peers. However, many business leaders and cultures overlook what your employees have to offer and essentially limit the company’s potential as well as risk losing great talent to market contenders.
Company Culture 05 August 2019
How to Encourage Your Employees: 10 Strategies for Managers
Joan Elmore
Discouragement drains energy, drags on morale, decreases accuracy and sabotages results. Discouragement is your enemy, and you want to help your employees to avoid it. From now on, you’re going to make it your mission to be encouraging for each person there. You’re going to give support, hope, positivity, and confidence, and when I asked around for ideas about how you can do this, I was given so many great ones!
Image from rawpixel.com
Succession Planning 01 August 2019
Pathways in the Retail Industry - Tying Together Front-End and Back-End Ops
Dillon Chen
Think about your typical retail job, what comes to mind? Usually when people think of Retailers like Walmart, Smiths, Kroger, Gap and such, you think of the front-end retail operation jobs such as the cashiers, stockers, floor managers etc. What most people don’t think about is those big retail companies actually have a lot of important back-end jobs that keep them running as well. Roles like accountants, marketing specialists, fraud analysts, engineers and so forth that are all necessary to the growth and development of the company.

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