July 23, 2019
Training and Development 07 October 2016
3 Reasons Why Recruits with Supplemental Training are Superior
Gisel Malek
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After surveying nearly 200 students, we have found that nearly 65 percent of those students feel as though school or university alone has not adequately prepared them for the real world. School, alone, isn’t cutting it! 

It’s been a long time since having a degree actually meant something. Students need to further develop their skill set to have a better chance at getting jobs. More and more are looking to outside sources for assistance from people who get it. Nearly 60 % of students are willing to add supplemental education if it means helping them land that job!  

What's the most difficult part of all this? Student's don’t know what to expect! The top industries often require skills that are not taught in school. Going to class is nothing like being at work and while they may have an idea as to what is required of them, they really don’t know and are under-prepared as a result. 

Many college students agree that the education they have is more conceptual in nature, not really giving them the opportunity to learn the skills they need using the tools they need to succeed out in the real world! Instead, most of their useful learning is done in the workplace. Because most schooling institutions aren't always able to update their technology and use the tools that are used in the industry themselves, students end up losing out and applying for jobs they really can’t know how to succeed at.

Compared to previous generations, Gen Z considers training to be ongoing and essential, which means they always see an opportunity to learn something new. This is a great trait to have in our fast-paced, tech-driven world. Whether it's engineering, sales or marketing, candidates can learn from industry professionals who have actually been doing the work and can share their knowledge on what is and is not relevant. This will make them stand out amongst hundreds of candidates all competing for the same positions. 

Here's a list of why your company needs to hire candidates that have had supplemental training: 

1) Conscientious

If candidates have a resume with lots of on-the-job training, it's a good sign they are the ones that will go out and absorb information that is relevant to your industry. This demonstrates attention to detail and the desire to learn everything that they can. They don’t want to go into something blindly, they want to know what to expect! Their willingness to take additional training and develop industry-specific skills show they have done their research, and have already taken the first steps to becoming assets to your organization.

2) Sign of Success

Candidates that have had training from industry professionals to advance their skills shows they are going to do whatever it takes to succeed in their job and probably in life! These are the ones that don't get by on the bare minimum, but instead, go above and beyond the competition. They want to step outside of the box and be creative, making themselves ahead of the game. These candidates are most likely to be successful. 

3) Hard-workers

Most of the time these training courses are supplemental to what they already know, and anyone willing to take on more work is going to show that same drive at your organization. Hard work is one of those soft skills that aren't easily taught, but influences all facets of one’s life. There is no substitute for hard work, and having numerous hard-working individuals in your employ will add tremendous value to your company!

Having taken supplemental training before being hired, it only makes sense to continue training their abilities after getting the job! Don't let your new hires start slacking once they start working for you! Keep them motivated to continue developing their skills by getting them on a Career Pathway as soon as possible. With the proper succession planning in place, your new employees will continue their pattern of success and channel their efforts into growing your company.

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