February 28, 2021
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3 Simple Tips To Instantly Improve Your Recruiting
Erica Hipp
Improve recruiting

Finding the right people for your team is no easy task. There is so much involved in finding the perfect match for your company, and the whole process can get very quickly become complicated. Even if you are making sure you're recruiting from the right talent pool, there are things your company can do to take your hiring to the next level. Tweaking your methods and changing your strategy can ensure that the whole hiring process goes more smoothly.

Sometimes, implementing new recruiting strategies can take too long, and you need to see results right away. You may not have time to come up with a proposal to give to your CEO and then work out the kinks. All you know is that something needs to change today. Here are the three fastest ways to improve the recruiting at your company, and they all really start with you. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi 

1. Have a good disposition

When interviewing a candidate, remember to smile and keep it light. Candidates want to represent their best selves to you, but sometimes let the nerves get in the way. Simple things like smiling and offering something to drink can create a welcoming atmosphere and make all the difference. Having a good disposition will set the tone for the entire interview process. Right off the bat, you are creating an environment that will optimize the experience for the both of you. If you find that the candidate is not letting loose in spite of your efforts, you may deduce that your particular candidate is shy and or nervous. Hopefully, they aren’t looking to be your next PR associate! 

2. Don’t leave them hanging

Often times, it is difficult to remember that the candidate’s first impression of your company starts with you and the recruiting process. Getting caught up in the workflow can leave your candidates without responses - good or bad. Taking the time to reach out to the candidates before they break and need to reach out to you again can make a huge difference. Many candidates don’t understand the lack of response - good or bad. Truthfully, no one likes the feeling of uncertainty, so make an effort to implement a process that includes candidates getting a more personalized message as to why they were not selected for the role. 

These are the top reasons why recruiters and hiring managers don’t share the information with candidates:

  1. The don’t have time. 

  2. Their lawyers won’t let them

  3. The answer has nothing to do with you

  4. They’re not comfortable sharing awkward or personal criticisms

  5. They really did feel that someone was a better fit. 

  6. Too many candidates will debate or argue if they got feedback

Most, if not all of those reasons are not good enough to warrant a completely generic, or worse, lack of response. Part of the interviewing experience is getting better and improving the craft. When they do not get any response good or bad, they don’t have anything to take to the next interview. This will eventually just eat at their self-esteem. Yes, I understand it is not your job per se to help them to improve, but it is your job to be a responsible recruiter and part of being responsible means having the courage to do the right thing, even when it may be tough. 

3. Build Relationships

It is crucial to maintaining relationships with your candidates, since you may want to hire them in the future, not to mention they will be telling their friends and others (glassdoor) about their experience. The best way to do this is to be forthright from start to finish. Building relationships takes time, but time is a luxury for many recruiters, so how do you take the steps to ensure you have created an environment that best allows candidates to show their best selves and, at the same time, shows the candidate what your company identity is?

Here are some quick ways to build rapport with candidates:

  1. Do your homework prior to the call

  2. Let the other person talk

  3. Be positive.

  4. Call them by name

Without making it a huge ordeal, these are very simple ways to start making a difference in your hiring process today. The positive outcomes are plenty to candidates, your company, but most of all yourselves!

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