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5 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn Only from Millennial Women
Sophia Clark

The millennial woman is making significant strides in today’s world!

In the present age, one of the significant changes that have taken place is the roles of women evolving from being merely homemakers into people with corporate success stories. Women are now exceptional CEOs in their businesses as well as their lives, beating the odds that were once against their success in male-dominated fields. Such women are referred to as millennial women.

A millennial woman shouldn’t be confused with an alpha business woman that’s obsessed with her career and has no time for herself or even her family. On the opposite end of things, she embraces both the masculine and feminine aspects of herself, thus ensuring that she acquires greater career success without having to sacrifice her personal life. Such women have a lot to offer, especially in the leadership arena. Today, there is also a multitude of information and financial resources to help women in leadership positions.

In light of this, below are some of the leadership traits that we should learn from millennial women.

1. You Need to Have Exceptional Self-Confidence to Succeed

One of the primary things that you cannot miss about millennial women is their deep-rooted belief in how special they are. More often than not, their parents are typical baby boomers that bring up their daughters with such a notion inculcated into them. These parents are likely to have put their children before everything else while also taking the position of being their advocates.

With an almost egalitarian relationship between child and parent, millennial women find themselves mirroring such a relationship in their respective places of work. They tend to view themselves as being equal to all their peers and see no reason as to why they should not receive the same treatment.

On top of this, millennial women have been raised with a culture of being achievement and goal oriented. This made them acquire a winning mentality at a young age hence crafting them into women with outstanding work ethic. They usually arrive on their jobs with the highest expectations thus dwarfing the previous generations. In addition to this, they work with great inspiration from their immense self-belief of being capable of accomplishing the greatest of things.

It’s essential to understand that all these qualities come with a price to pay, especially at the present time when competition amongst workmates is at its peak. The most significant downside that they face is directed at their self-belief. A considerable number of their colleagues view such levels of self-confidence as a sign of the absence of respect for others. However, what they don’t understand is that with millennial women, everything is always about achievement. They merely remain focused and ever-hungry to meet their set targets, and this is what brings out the best in them hence the high levels of excellence that they portray.

2. The Willpower to Pave Your Way

Most if not all millennial women are usually clear on the things that they hold in high esteem. They desire to have roles which can challenge them to be the best versions of themselves while concurrently, they also want respect from their contemporaries for both their time and personal values. They show that the best managers are those who can understand other people’s perspective on life as well as different levels of work ethic and expectations in the workplace.

Millennial women show that one of the greatest values that anyone can possess is the will to learn in their respective professions. In addition to this, you’ll find that the types of careers they chase after challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone. The reason behind this is that the nature of their dream careers allows them to be creative, innovative and have a personal fulfillment.

Also, it is important to note that these women are ever on the lookout for an environment that will bring out the best in them. In case they feel as though their company is not helping them to fulfill their personal goals, their first instinct is to leave. In the place of such company, they choose to use their excellent entrepreneurial spirit to chase down their ambitions. Millennial women have no problem rejecting the formal and corporate career paths of their predecessors, regardless of whether they are men or women, and looking for a different type of leadership path.

3. The Desire for Development and Feedback

Always strive to be in a better position than you currently are in

Having been raised in the digital age where Facebook, Twitter, and other social media highlight the essence of instant messaging, constant and immediate feedback has become the norm for all millennial women. This, in turn, has contributed to their attitude as well as the manner in which they carry out their day to day activities in their workplaces. These women show the significant impact that hunger for knowledge can have in a leader’s life. They are the first people to actively seek coaching in their respective fields of expertise to acquire support for their continuous learning, be it regarding dress and grooming, career or even writing.

It is also worth noting that millennial women are both ambitious and confident and with their beliefs and attitudes, they are influencing and changing the workforce at a faster rate than all other generations. Due to their substantial positive impact, their expectations and ways of working are being adopted by almost all workers in every age group.

4. Learning the Difference between Saying Yes and No

Understand the true value of your decisions before making them

The millennial woman is deeply in tune with herself. Out of the many possible sections of self-awareness is the awareness of the manner in which saying "no" and "yes" registers within their bodies. The best example of this is that a ‘yes’ feels light, open, expansive and free while on the other hand, a ‘no’ feels heavy, dark, contracted and closed.

The millennial woman teaches leaders to remain patient in case they are uncertain about making some decisions. They show us that by being patient with yourself, you will have given yourself the much-needed space to discern your true feelings accurately, thus helping you to reinforce your employees’ engagement.

5. Being Ambitious

Ambition is what sets apart the good from the best

According to various research agencies, about two-thirds of millennial women between 18 and 34 prefer having successful careers as compared to their male counterparts. While men still prefer having partners that are less professionally ambitious as compared to them, millennial women do not allow this factor to hold them back. They are go-getters in their careers and do not require other people’s approval or permission to chase their dreams.

Even though the primary social imperatives that women have accrued over the years include being polite and nice, millennial women are not willing to hide their authentic opinions on various subjects. They teach leaders all around the globe to recognize their voices and not to be afraid of using them.

Millennial women are a light to a significant number of people out there. Their way of life and the manner in which they handle their daily activities, both in the workplace and their homes, leave a lot to envy. However, the hallmark of their brilliance is in the manner in which they conduct their leadership. Above are 5 of the best leadership lessons that you can learn from millennial women. These values can assist you to embody their values and experience more success in your personal and professional life.

Have you interacted with a millennial woman? What traits impressed you the most?

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