December 12, 2019
Training and Development 28 September 2016
5 Ways Mentoring Interns can help you Hire Better
Gisel Malek
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The word “mentoring” doesn’t come up as often as it should within the workplace. Even if it does come up, it is usually used in the context of training existing employees. This is not a bad thing, as change is to be expected and everyone is constantly having to learn. 

The kind of mentoring we're talking about is not just about cross training or learning on the job for current employees. It’s about aiding potential employees towards success within your own company before they even join your company. By starting the mentoring process as early as possible with interns, you set the foundation that will help them prepare themselves to move up the ranks of your company's succession pathway.

5 Ways Mentoring INTERNS Will Improve Your Workplace For Everyone:

1. People Will Do Work The Way You Want It To Be Done

How many times have we all heard that experience is not always a good thing? 

Being able to mold new team members into what we want them to is much more valuable than having someone that has years of experience doing something in a way you absolutely do not want it to be done. Having previous experience can sometimes be a handicap instead of a positive. 

When observing candidates behind-the-scenes, you are able to mold their habits as you see them forming. Have you ever heard the old saying, "if you keep doing things the same way then you will get the same results"? This is not a bad thing if you have a good thing going!

When your team members are all practicing the same good habits, it makes everything a lot easier for everyone and increases overall productivity. 

2. Providing Access To Knowledge Resources Needed To Succeed

One of the best things about offering mentorship is being able to shed light to others about topics you are more experienced with. There are only a few things people appreciate more than advice that will help them to succeed. 

It’s to be expected that at most places of work, more experienced employees will help newer ones learn new things and provide them with the tools that they need to succeed. However, when it comes to hiring, mentoring can be just as valuable to companies. 

Many applicants and new grads are not very familiar with the software and programs that you use on a daily basis since most colleges/universities don’t have the budget to provide students with them. Most interns want to absorb all the information that they can and are willing to put in the work, so by giving them some of your resources, you may be able to find more qualified candidates than you realize. 

3. You Will Improve Your Leadership Skills

When it comes to being a leader, there are many things to keep in mind in order to be successful. There are many questions you should ask yourself when in leadership roles such as project management

Are you objective enough? Do you know how to give constructive criticism and still empower your people to take hold of their own responsibilities? Are you able to continually motivate others and keep them engaged? Are you patient when things don’t turn out quite right the first time around? 

It’s a hard job and certainly not fit for just anyone. However, if taken seriously, the relationship between a mentor and a mentee can be one of the most rewarding for both parties! You have to start somewhere and the more experience you have, the easier it will be to mentor more than one person at any given time.   

4. Learn More About Your Own Company

Let us say that as the head of your sales department, perhaps, and you know inside and outside sales like the back of your hand. You have earned your post and can win business for your company better than anyone else! 

But just because you are a sales wizard, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always aware of the challenges that other teams are experiencing. 

Being a mentor, above all else, provides an opportunity to really understand areas that you may not be as familiar with. Providing mentorship is always looked upon favorably upon by the hiring committee as you look at advancing your career. Learning all the aspects of the business and familiarizing yourself with how everything works and runs can only benefit you in the future.  

5. Lastly, Build Lasting Relationships With People 

There’s something about being able to really help others out that makes us all feel a little better inside. It’s true that mentors mostly have positive things to say about the experience with their mentees and vice versa. Considering all the time the average person spends at work, it is important to remember that it should be a very worthwhile experience. 

Watching your mentees succeed will bring you joy as well, not to mention make you look good when it comes time for that promotion! Nothing says “leadership skills better than when you show that you can lead others towards success as well. 

Being a mentor is a mutually beneficial experience that everyone should experience. If you want to experience being a mentor for many candidates hungry for experience, get involved and apply to be a mentor today!