February 28, 2021
Hiring 09 June 2017
5 Ways to Get Candidates Excited About Your Company
Hannah Son

It’s a competitive world out there and the best candidates are getting bombarded with offers. How can you stand out? What can you do to help candidates come to you and be excited about working for your company? 

We’ve got the top 5 things you can do now to get candidates fired up about your company!


1. Be accessible: Why make candidates jump through hoops to find you?

Be mobile: We live in a mobile world that runs on apps, texts and Siri so ensure that all of your sites (the main company site, any landing pages, all social media profiles, application pages, contact pages etc.) are mobile-friendly and optimized to work without glitches from any device. Optimizing for smartphone access should be a given and not an afterthought when it comes to getting candidates excited about your company.

Make it easy to find you: Candidates are going to be Googling the heck out of you even if they are already familiar with your company. So, make it easy for them to find information from multiple sources (social media profiles for the company, SEO optimize to rank in Google, link backs from other sites, bloggers etc), and make sure the information they find is consistent in terms of the image it creates for your company.

Use your social media platforms to your advantage, it is one of the easiest ways to reach out and tap into your social networks. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and even Snapchat allows your company to network, distribute crafted content on a wider scale and establish your brand both on and offline. 

According to SocialTalent.co, a whopping 75% of LinkedIn users are employed, which makes it a great platform for reaching out to candidates. With information like this, it is important to know that digital word of mouth is crucial to candidates. Make sure that the content your company pushes out is consistent and relevant to your target audience. 

Ensure a simple application process: Have you walked through the candidate's p.o.v.? There’s no point in getting someone all excited about the job only to have them get frustrated when they can’t even get to the next stage of the process with ease!



2. Know and promote your Company’s EVP

EVP Minchington (2005) defines an employee value proposition (EVP) as “a set of associations and offerings provided by an organization in return for the skills, capabilities, and experiences an employee brings to the organization." Check out Edelman's post on “The Four Steps to A Great EVP” 

In today’s society of information overload, there’s a lot of competition out there. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to identify what makes your company unique and then highlight those qualities—in other words, promote your EVP (Different from employer brand) relentlessly! 

To be truly successful, an employer brand needs to reflect who you are as a company and consistently be incorporated into every aspect of the candidate experience. According to Edelman, 

“The EVP serves to define what the organization would most like to be associated with as an employer and defines the “give and get” of the employment deal (the value that employees are expected to contribute to the value that they can expect in return). EVPs have become closely related to the concept of employer branding with the EVP being used to define the underlying “offer”, on which an organisation’s employer brand is based.”

A well-formed EVP provides many benefits including better attraction and retention of candidates, helps focus the HR agenda, creates a strong employee brand and can re-engage a disenchanted workforce.

3. Showcase benefit programs 

According to Glassdoor’s Q3 2015 Employment Confidence Survey, nearly four in five (79%) of employees would prefer new or additional benefits over a pay increase. With nearly 3 in 5 (57%) people reporting benefits and perks being among their top considerations before accepting a job, some employers are raising the bar even higher when it comes to benefits and perks they offer to help attract talent. 

Check out these 20 companies that are providing some unique perks and benefits. Beyond free food and on-site gyms, here are some benefits that excite candidates about working for you:

  • Volunteer hours: Millennials are known for their social consciousness, and numerous studies have shown that this generation, in particular, values brands and employers that emphasize doing good in the world, "When employees are actively involved in giving back it can lead to a deeper commitment and connection to the work," says Elizabeth Stocker, "It doesn't surprise me that the sentiment was much higher when people are actually involved in the work, rather than a corporate donation being made." 

    In particular, volunteer programs that take advantage of a candidate’s professional skills are effective and prove to be personally rewarding, while at the same time offering leadership opportunities and the chance to form connections with colleagues from different parts of the organization.


  • Mentor Programs: As companies look for ways to hold onto younger employees and help them move up the ranks and employee benefits become more of a priority, interest in workplace mentoring programs has heated up. These programs tap into the latent knowledge and capabilities of the existing workforce instead of requiring investments in classroom training or external consultants. 

    Mentoring programs are crucial for getting candidates excited about your company, it shows management's support, interest, and concern for an employee's potential with the company.  It demonstrates to employees that the company is willing to invest the time and resources necessary to help employees succeed in their careers. In return, candidates and employees are more likely to be more productive, loyal and excited about the company. The most recognizable organizations in the world see mentorship as a competitive advantage and so should you. Here are   5 corporate mentorship programs that are worth imitating!

Other benefits can include Compensation time, family-friendly benefits, flexible hours, health insurance, relocation, vacation time and even perks like office snacks and pet-friendly companies! Some companies go above and beyond, for examples, Airbnb (voted the Best Place to Work in 2016) gives their employees an annual stipend of $2,000 to travel and stay in an Airbnb listing anywhere in the world!

Attracting and retaining top talent is not solely a salary/compensation play and benefits like mentor programs and volunteering opportunities certainly play a huge factor in the decision-making process for today’s workforce. Bulk up your benefits and communicate them effectively to engage your candidates!


4. Engage with candidates: Come out from behind the screens!

Communicating effectively with candidates is key when it comes to retaining and nurturing top talent and effective communication means engagement. Lindsay Genawalt, Head of People Operations at Cockroach Labs specifies that 

“It is important that once you engage with a candidate, you listen to what motivates them. If it’s not your company, that’s okay. If it is your company, make sure you take notes at each stage of the process to understand how your candidate’s motivations may be changing.” Source: Techcrunch.

In today’s age of virtual communications, people have forgotten the importance of face-to-face communication. With in-person meetings, not only do you establish an immediate connection but you also build a trust and rapport. 


5. Set up industry events

 Industry events are the perfect place to look for candidates and get them excited about your company. Industry events are often saturated with passionate professionals who want to meet and network with similar sorts of people.  

According to Adam Rogers are some helpful tips to consider when setting up an industry event:

  • Look over the list of attendees in advance and make note of anyone you want to connect with (first impressions count!)

  • Don’t just collect as many business cards as you can. In the long run, establishing a personal connection is better than speed networking and gets candidates personally invested and excited for your company.

  • When you get a business card, make a few quick notes about what you and the person talked about so you can remember how to best follow up. Candidates want to feel they will be recognized and treated as more than a number at your company. Strive to personalize your correspondence during the hiring process.

Yes, the convenience of technology is transformative—, particularly in the people ops industry. However, online interactions will only get you so far. It’s much too easy for emails to get lost, messages to get misinterpreted and information to be corrupted. So, to engage candidates, you’ll need to get out and start shaking some hands. 

Plan events in your community, be seen, be heard and be remembered! Plus, with online services like Meetup and Eventbrite setting up an industry event is a simple and effective way to get candidates excited about your organization and the opportunities you offer. From there you can set up your own custom process and get your entire team on board.

If you're looking for more ways to improve your talent pool or would like a free demo, subscribe or schedule your call today! Hope to see you soon.