August 6, 2020
Company Culture 16 November 2016
5 Ways To Show You “Love” Your Employees
Gisel Malek
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When it comes to recruiting and hiring, so much of what is important comes from the heart. However, the heart is rarely focused on in the professional world. Most of the time, it's about gain and profit and what employees can do for the company. Choices are made depending on what is logically the best for the company and not always what is best for the employee. 

People spend on average 40 hours a week at work. When you are spending that much time with people, wouldn’t you want to make sure they are people you want to be around? Don't you want them to feel your love for them and in return, have them love being at work with you?

Barbara Fredrickson, the author of Love. 2.0, said: 

“When people are made to feel cared for, nurtured, and growing, that will serve the organization well. Because those feelings drive commitment and loyalty just like it would in any relationship. If you feel uniquely seen, understood, valued and appreciated, then that will hook you into being committed to that team, leader, and organization. This is how positive emotions work.” 

Here are the 5 best ways to show “love” to your existing employees:

1. Be willing to go above and beyond to help your employees out

Be a person they know they can go to if any questions are had. It is very important to do things that will make a difference in your employees' lives and the best way to do that is to give them the confidence of knowing they have a strong support system at work. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive or grand, but even the smallest of gestures to show care and concern can go the longest way. You can begin by asking the question, “Is there anything you need from me?”

2. Remember to stay humble and relate to your employees 

Nobody wants to be the coffee fetcher or constantly be reminded of the hierarchy difference in the workplace. A lot of companies are choosing open-work, collaborative spaces where the CEO works alongside the engineers and sales team. 

This encourages employees to believe that they can grow and have their voices heard, not to mention it gives everyone the peace of mind knowing they can access their superiors whenever they need to. It ultimately creates an even playing field and fosters loyalty. 

3. Be transparent with your employees 

Transparency ultimately shows your employees you have nothing to hide. Being honest and open about the direction of the company will only clear any ambiguity and clear up any concerns your employees may have about job security. 

Job security is incredibly important in keeping happy employees, so things like being open about the financials will help your employees feel like they are invested. The more invested your employees feel the more loyal they will be to you. 

4. Learn to celebrate small wins 

Especially for smaller companies that don’t see returns immediately, it is important to remind your employees that their efforts are not going unnoticed. Giving verbal feedback and words of encouragement is very important in keeping them engaged and hopeful.

 People don’t give up on people who show that they care. Taking those few seconds to show appreciation and gratitude will yield to greater, more significant victories to come. 

5. Be proactive in recognizing talent and award accordingly

Recognize it when employees are exceeding their goals and going above and beyond to accomplish their tasks. People would rather stay where they are, but with a caveat. Employees usually only leave when they don’t feel they are being valued or compensated fairly. Find out what the market is paying for those positions and stay competitive. Recognize their achievements.

The most important part is to remain competitive because as skill levels increase, the desire to earn more comes alongside that. The last thing you want is to have invested time training and helping develop the skills of your employees, only to have them find someone that appreciates those skill sets more. 

Being a mentor to potential candidates will cultivate a lasting relationship because it allows you to show them your company values hiring the best people for the job as well as demonstrating a company culture of continued learning and growth, which is incredibly important to millennials. 

Learn how you can mentor candidates and determine for yourself who they really are.