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Company Culture 20 November 2019
5 Ways to Showcase Your Company’s Culture on Career Sites
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There is a reason why organizations have found that they need to focus on showcasing their company’s cultureIn the job seekers’ market we now live in, companies are struggling to reach their ideal candidates—there’s so much competition out there.

But one way to attract people to your company is by showing people how you work and what your company’s ethos is when you aren’t crunching the numbers and aiming for goals.In your job postings on career sites, you can highlight your company’s culture and make your organization seem more attractive to applicants.

Here are five ways to showcase your company’s culture on career sites. 

1. Explain Your Company Culture with an Infographic

Career sites tend to be pretty cut and dried, not to mention, extremely text-heavy. 

This is primarily because job seekers just want to get to the meat of the matter—what is the job, can they do it, what is the compensation, and where can they apply.

But you can still jazz up your job postings by adding an attractive visual that highlights your company culture to a potential candidate.Take a look at the above infographic—it is simple, straight-forward, but also quirky and engaging. Adding such a graphic to your posting will make it far more attractive.

And creating an infographic needn’t be a difficult task—you can make a similar one using a process graphic template.

Think of some questions that you would ask of your company were you joining it now—what makes it stand out from your competitors in terms of culture?

Answer those questions with short and simple replies that you can input into your infographic and upload it to your posting. 

You can also share the infographic across your other digital channels to increase your reach and spread the word about your company’s innovative culture.

2. Photos of Events and Team Building Activities

Job seekers want to see how the employees, managers, and C-Level executives function together. Is there a hierarchical divide or does everyone get to mingle? How relaxed of an atmosphere do you have? Is there time to take a break from work?

These are the questions that job seekers are asking when they look through a job posting—because people no longer just want a job, they also want a healthy and positive environment where they can feel comfortable and want to grow. How do you share this aspect of your company with job seekers?

Most companies now spend a certain amount of time engaging in events that require most, if not all, team members to participate. These events could be anything from a press conference to team building activities. The aim is to bring the company together for a reason, and this is the kind of thing that you need to showcase on career sites when you are trying to attract new candidates.

Don’t focus only on your company’s mission, vision, and achievements. Share photos of your team together using collage templates that are attractive and engaging.

By showing visuals of your team spending time together either for work or bonding, you are better able to highlight your company culture and present yourself as a suitable place to work in.

3. Interview Your Team

Another important way to showcase your company culture on career sites—as well as on your website and social media—is to interview team members.

There are a variety of ways to do this and you can decide which works best for your company and for the team members involved.

Remember, team members will have to take time out of their work schedule to participate in the interview, and that needs to be taken into account when they are approached for the exercise.

It is best not to conduct long interviews—3-5 questions about the team member’s personality, what they do, why they like it, and what they love about the company, should suffice.The interview can be a written one for the company blog or a video for your company’s YouTube vlog. Or you can post shorter videos on Instagram, accompanied by music and fun graphics, to showcase the lighter side of company life.

Share links or snippets of these interviews within the job postings on career sites. Not only will it give your posting more body, but it will also show people the human side of your company. 

4. Highlight Your Perks

A number of new companies include perks for their employees beyond the standard benefits packages afforded to employees.

Though this study on company culture myths has discovered that employees much prefer having traditional benefits, if you offer extra perks in your company, that is something you will want to highlight in a job posting.

Do you have a foosball table? Evening movie sessions? Quarterly getaway to a resort? Job seekers need to know this about your company! In your job posting, add a section for the regular benefits that you offer—compensation, insurance, vacation and paid time off. But also include a section for the perks you offer—such as flexible hours, remote work days, office lunches, office pets, gaming tables, gym memberships, and getaways.

Do keep in mind that the perks are an additional incentive to attract candidates to your company, but they are not a substitute for the actual benefits.

If you only highlight the perks, you will lose candidates’ interest—they are looking for stability, after all. 

5. Celebrate Holidays at Work

The holiday season is almost upon us and HR teams will be gearing up to plan office parties. 

Whatever the holiday—Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year—celebrating with your team is a great way to bring people together and enjoy the season.

And just like corporate events, these holidays should be used to showcase your company culture in your job postings. You can share links from your social feeds or include pictures alongside the job posting. Try to ensure that some branding is included in the pictures—this increases brand awareness and makes your company more memorable for the job seeker.

As we have mentioned, it is important to show the camaraderie between team members and the different levels of employment in the company.

Corporate events and team building pictures showcase this to some extent but a holiday brings people together in a more informal atmosphere, showing the team spirit of your company.

Take some candid and fun shots of the team enjoying a holiday together and you will be able to show job seekers how relaxed and fun your work environment is.


Company culture is fast becoming a very important facet of how well-regarded an organization is. It also makes a huge difference as to how job seekers view the companies they apply to.

Highlight your company culture whenever you can but particularly in job postings. Take pictures at corporate events to show your team working together.

Share interviews of your team members, and create an infographic outlining your company’s values.

Highlight the perks your company offers, but don’t forget the traditional benefits because they are still necessary to attract candidates.

And finally, show the more relaxed side of your company’s culture by sharing photos of your team during the holidays.

By following these steps, you can better showcase your company’s culture to job seekers and reach the candidates you need.

Ronita Mohan is a content marketer at Venngage, the infographic templates and design platform. She regularly writes about content marketing, productivity, ways to better oneself, as well as pop culture, and diversity.

Twitter: @Venngage