January 19, 2021
Hiring 20 September 2016
5 Best Ways to Stay Competitive in Recruiting
Gisel Malek
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What is your new job candidate’s expectation of the workplace? How can you stay competitive and gain the competitive edge? Well, we surveyed hundreds of candidates asking them what is important to them. As illustrated by the word cloud below, many people entering the workforce are expecting the same things that are in line with what millennials expect. 

1. Workplace Environment 

Environment came up a lot after interviewing hundreds of students from across the U.S. Work environment can include a lot of things, but mostly, it means that younger generations are willing to stay loyal to companies that make them feel like they belong. They want a place that will feel comfortable and cultivates an atmosphere of learning and growth as well as good company culture. Having a strong culture that mixes work and play is very crucial to the working atmosphere today. Remember to keep it fun!

2. Potential for Growth

Opportunities for growth are vital in finding and retaining good quality talent. Growth doesn’t just mean promoting someone to a higher position or giving them a raise, although that is a huge part of it. Candidates want to stay with companies long-term and move up in the ranks. Added tasks, responsibilities and challenges are going to make the bigger difference in retaining your talent in between promotions. Make sure you are using succession planning within your company to be transparent about the future growth benefits available to them.

3. Coaching and Mentoring  

Younger candidates are eager to learn and absorb as much information as they possibly can. They expect to learn a lot and that means having a strong training program in place with mentors that are willing to give feedback and constructive criticism. Mentoring interns and candidates right from the start can result in increased employee loyalty and lower turnover rates. People tend to stay with employers longer if they feel like they are learning new things that are challenging them to do and be better.  Having good employees who coach the people they manage within the company is important to recruiting and retaining employees. You can demonstrate the quality mentorship your company has through ProSky's Projectships where candidates work together with your employees to complete a real-life project!

4. Recognition

Learn to give credit when credit is due. Everybody from baby boomers to millennials wants to feel appreciated and like they are doing their jobs well! There’s no faster way to move forward then to know they are doing well, so they can move on to the next thing. Having that relationship and communication will make all the difference when it comes to hiring because today’s employees want to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. If they aren’t getting what they need, whether it be because of lack of acknowledgment or because of poor communication, they will be looking to go where they can to obtain it.

5. Work/Life Balance 

Today’s candidates appreciate employers that understand and value work/life balance. The best way to keep employees happy is to value them. One of the best ways to do that is to place a level of importance on their lifestyles. Giving them the tools they need to do their job, understanding flexible work schedules and other benefits that may add to the overall quality of their life is what will make a difference in winning over potential hires.

Now that you know what younger job applicants are looking for, you can stay competitive with hiring qualified candidates by implementing performance-based hiring in your recruiting process.  Attract and retain quality candidates that will add great value to your organization. Sign up for a demo to learn more today!