August 18, 2019
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5 Worldwide Popular Companies Share Their Hiring Secrets
Emily Anderson

Recruitment is the process of finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner. - Cleverism

Recruitment can be a complicated process, and the results will differ greatly from company to company. When successful, companies end up with a great employee that they can grow together with long-term. Today, we'll be covering a few companies that have been very successful at hiring and growing.

Have you ever noticed how articles on this topic will always mention companies that nobody really knows about? They will tell you about web hosting companies that have millions in assets, but you will probably go the rest of your life without seeing one of their adverts. 

Do you know why such obscure or useless companies are quoted in these types of articles? It is because writers have to scratch around for quotes and interviews, and big-and-successful companies are in no rush to give away their hiring secrets! 

The research for this article was more labor intensive. It included actually applying for a wide range of jobs for each of these companies and included in-depth research that went as far as reading the biographies of the company directors and owners. In this article, we share five worldwide popular companies’ hiring secrets.

1 - Amazon (Worth Over $1 Trillion)

The Amazon hiring secret is that they use a wide variety of recruitment companies. They only conduct personal interviews for head office positions within each country, and almost all their head office applications are internal that come from employees who have “Blue Badge” status or higher, and all those people started with a recruitment company at one time. 

The trick is to use recruitment companies, have those companies assess the candidates, have them drug test the candidates, and then put them on a 13-week temporary contract so that Amazon may weed out those who work well and those who do not. As an added incentive, Amazon offers fair wages, offers very attractive overtime payments, and pays great wages for people who work nights. 

Usable Secrets:

  • Use recruitment agencies and offer full training with no experience needed.

  • Offer excellent overtime pay and good night-worker pay.

  • Give people a 13-week temporary contract and then keep the best workers.

2 – Mars (Worth Over $60 Billion)

Besides being a big-named brand, Mars is known for treating their employees well. They make it very clear that they pay competitive wages to the point where they brag their employee wages are in the top 25% in their industry. 

They also have a very fair health and welfare perks package that extends to an employee’s family and includes financial protection covering sickness, disability, and death. It contains comprehensive short-term and long-term disability programs, plus the free life insurance they offer pays out three times the gross annual salary plus target-related bonuses. 

Mars also has a great pension plan, and their executive pay is in line with the top 20 consumer product and pharmaceutical companies from around the globe. In short, Mars brings people to them with its brand name prestige, its pay, its insurance benefits, its retirement plan, and its executive pay levels.

Usable Secrets:

  • Offer very attractive health, medical and life insurance.

  • Offer insurance and perks for the family of workers.

  • Give workers a great pension plan and offer great wages for key positions.

3 – Virgin (Net Worth $4.9 Billion)

This worldwide company was started in the United Kingdom. Virgin is one of the few companies in history to apply its name so successfully to so many different products, from music studios all the way to airlines. Getting a job with Virgin is viciously difficult, and the reason for this is because each employee is allowed equal access to decision making

There are plenty of layers of managers and protocols to follow, but in essence, an employee may submit any idea for any subject and be credited for it, which looks great on a resume. Experts at the Resumeble Resume Writing Service say that jobs like those at Virgin offer a unique opportunity for people to build a very strong CV. Somebody such as part-time technician is able to submit a simple idea such as ceiling windows and mirrors to save on lighting costs and is then able to quote verifiable company savings in his or her resume. 

That is why the jobs are so difficult to get, it is because the Virgin team knows that a job with them offers unique CV-building and promotion-based opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere. 

Usable Secrets:

  • Offer jobs with unique promotion and advancement qualities.

  • The harder a job is to get, the more valuable it is.

  • Create a buzz around your hiring process by going so far as to mention it in your adverts.

4 -  Symantec (Worth $12.1 Billion)

You may know Symantec best for its products such as Norton Anti-Virus. Symantec has a big problem because it has 103 locations/offices, and they are located all around the world. Plus, almost all of them are in major cities where people demand bigger wages because of the cost of living. The sheer level of competition from other software companies also means they have a hard time attracting new developers, programmers, hackers and such. That is why Symantec focus so hard and so heavily on employee training. The software and technology industry moves so quickly that some forms of training only have a workable life of two to five years. Plus, their intensive and freely available training programs are perfect for younger people who want a genuine foothold in the software and technology industry. 

Symantec are also making strides to attract female workers, but they are failing because the software industry is still a male-dominated industry with very few women taking up IT and programming qualifications these days.

Usable Secrets:

  • Offer jobs that come with the chance to earn new qualifications.

  • Give jobs to younger people and focus on training and skill-building.

  • Try offering jobs to industry-specific minorities.

5 – Knight-Swift (Worth $5 Billion And Rising)

The Knight-Swift trucking company gets a mention because it pushes a single selling point when hiring, and it already has over 28,000 employees and counting. If you go for a job with this company, they push the fact that their drivers have a career for life. They push the fact that it is a well-paid job that many of their drivers are encouraged to keep up until retirement. 

Though it seems like an odd way to attract new staff in this day and age, a study by Belbase, Sanzenbacher and Gills (2015) showed that truck drivers are the 3rd most likely employees to keep their job on a full-time basis for a long period, only being beaten out by assemblers and airline pilots. The idea of a long and stable career is obviously appealing to some people, and there is little reason why the same message wouldn’t work as well in many other industries. 

Usable Secrets:

  • Offer stable jobs that people can keep for years and years.

  • Ally your long-term job offers with a robust pension plan.

  • Offer strong health, medical and life insurance plans for full-time staff.

Conclusion – Give Your Job A Selling Point And Make People Come To You!

Unless you are planning to go the recruitment company route like Amazon does, you will do far better if your job has a major selling point. We all know that we are supposed to sell the idea of a job to the best candidates, but the companies listed in this article have almost branded their jobs so that people seek them out. 

Mars has brilliant employee and family insurance perks, where Virgin offers unique chances for anybody to build their career or CV. Symantec gives people training opportunities that candidates wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, and Knight-Swift offers a long and stable career. What is special about your company or the jobs you offer that you could push as a major selling point?

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