September 29, 2020
Performance Management 11 February 2020
6 Reasons Video Chats Help with Unbiased Hiring
Clare Barkey
Video chats in the hiring process will help you find the best talent out there.

“Social Media and Technology are not agents of Change. They are just Tools. We, the Connected People, are the Agents of Change.”

 – Stuart J Ellman, President 92Y, Social Good Summit 2012

We are surrounded by a vast and constantly progressing world of new technology. In this day and age, it is important for your company to stay up to date with new programs and platforms. In the hiring process, this is especially relevant. 

Video chats are becoming a more dependable way to interview prospective hires and reach many candidates at a time. Thus, ensuring the best fit for your company. I have compiled five reasons why video hiring keeps the hiring process fair and unbiased:

1. Larger Pool of Talent 

Through video hiring, there is no limit to the distance in which you can reach out to candidates. You can properly screen candidates and interview them from across the country or around the world. This is great news for recruiters because the sky is now the limit for the talent you can bring to your company. 

Why settle for local applicants when the perfect fit may be across the country? 

Video hiring helps make this process seamless and effective to your style of hiring. Not to mention, the top talent out there isn't always the easiest to reach. 

Kazim Ladimeji from Recruiter reinforces this concept, 

“Today’s most talented candidates are busy and in demand, and if you want to attract them you must start to build flexible hiring processes that enables you to effectively engage with this elusive top talent. One of the best ways to do this is to use video hiring as standard at first interview, making it easier for you to connect with top talent in a non-committal way. This approach is far more convenient for candidates, which means talented time pressurized candidates will be more likely to interview – and interview sooner – with first-round video interviewing than if they had to meet face-to-face.”


2. Geography is No Longer a Deal Breaker 

You can recruit candidates regardless of their ability to travel for an interview; those without the means to fly or drive a far distance for an interview can still be considered. Fewer restrictions allow for recruiters to spend more time screening people without the travel expenses. It can be anytime and anywhere, but low-cost hiring is the name of the game. This can be relevant at a national or global level. 

Ladimeji discusses how there is a mismatch in talent worldwide. He discusses, 

“There are talent shortages in some regions of the world and surpluses in others which can cause businesses to outsource or offshore to international locations.”

Don’t limit your company to the candidates in your town, expand your outreach with the help of video hiring.

3. Personal Bond with Recruiters isn’t the Only In

According to WePow, bias is offset through video chatting because 

“Each applicant is given the same set of questions and has the opportunity to share their stories. You can say goodbye to the candidates that make it to the final round simply because one interviewer formed a personal bond with them that may not be relevant to the role”

This has become the status quo in the recruiting process. Giving candidates the opportunity to network and get ahead through interactions is still a good thing. However, you may be missing out on some valuable talent if you only look to your personal connections.

4. It Reduces Discrimination

By letting personality show through first, you will gain unbiased insight into what your candidates are all about. Taking a new approach to the hiring process and bringing in video chats will take your company to the next level. You no longer have to stick to the traditional interview procedure. Your candidates will appreciate this, and you will draw out better talent. 

When recruiters utilize video hiring, it helps maintain a level playing field among candidates. According to Green Job Interview

“The important thing to remember about video interviewing is that technology does not discriminate. People do, and no matter the vehicle of an interview, some people will continue to discriminate regardless of the laws and regulations in place to protect job seekers.”

5. Eases the Scheduling Burden

It takes many hours to schedule in all candidates for interviews. From going back and forth via email to actually finding a time that would fit both yours and the candidate's schedule. You are trying to juggle in all conversations between multiple candidates. Needless to say, it can be stressful and very time-consuming. 

Video interview relieves a lot of this stress. Candidates can go in and answer the questions when it is a convenient time for them and hiring managers can go over the interviews when they are available. Instead of wasting your time talking to people who are not that interested or those who don't qualify for the job, you can use video interviews to sort through who is a definite yes, a maybe or a no. From there you can decide if you need an in-person interview to make your final decision. 

Remote work has also become very popular and if you are hiring someone from a different state or country it becomes even more difficult to find the time and a proper place if your office is at your home. 

Ollie Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Card Accounts shares his experience with video interviews,

"Video interviewing has been an invaluable asset addition to my hiring process. Leading a remote team, it is near impossible to meet each candidate in person. Now I don't have to. Video interviewing has enabled me to save time and money. I can now fully assess a candidate's suitability without leaving my home office."

6. Candidates Can SHOW Their Skills 

Candidates can screen-share their work to show what they’ve got. They no longer have to chalk up their accomplishments to one resume or an awkward 20-minute interview. This is beneficial to YOU because you will see a more authentic version of your candidate when they are in their own environment. They will also have their own work with them to provide to you. Programs such as performance-based hiring services to provide you with better screening tactics. 

As you can see, video chats create an unbiased hiring process for hiring managers and recruiters to effectively evaluate clients. ProSky is one such company that offers this talent software. Learn more and request a demo today!