July 23, 2019
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Top 7 Ways To Attract Talent With Your Website
Gisel Malek
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Millennials prefer to invest their time with a company that not only cares about them but also shares their same values. People don’t want to just go to work anymore, they want to have a sense of belonging to an organization

Instead of solely looking at job openings, talented employees are focusing their job searching efforts on researching companies they want to work at. This is a primary reason why job boards are becoming less and less relevant. In a society where company culture is becoming the determining factor of who gets the top talent, your website is one of the best tools to help you stand out from the rest of the competition.


Tips to help your website attract Top Talent:


1. Include videos and images to illustrate the working environment and culture

Providing a video of what your office and workplace look like both gives off a feeling that you have nothing to hide and also shows people what they are getting into. It’s the same reason many restaurants nowadays have an open kitchen concept, it provides a more trusting atmosphere. Providing images of your work-related social events shows people what your traditions are and that will help attract the right people. These visual representations help show your future employees your excellent workplace culture.


2. Clearly list out your perks and benefits

When millennials are scouring through your website, it is important that they don’t have to hunt too far to see what your organization will offer them. Whether it’s unlimited vacations or taco Tuesdays, use clear bulleting form or list formatting to help with mentioning those amazing perks!


3. The text and design of your website say a lot about the culture of your organization.

Most millennials know what a modern company looks and feels like online, so it’s important to speak the language of transparency. Your website is the window into your company, so make sure that it accurately reflects the essence of your company. Mention all the things that you want people to know about you, but refrain from being overly wordy, thus distracting the viewers from your site. It should be equal parts attracting customers and attracting recruits. Use clean lines and cohesive color palettes to draw the attention where you want it to be drawn.


4. State your mission and values clearly.

Being transparent with your belief system and mission will give job hunters a clear vision of where you stand. Liberally include your expectations of employees, workplace morals, and ethical standards. This is one way to keep terrible employees from applying, you want to make sure everyone knows you conduct business in a professional and ethical manner.


5. Stay active on social media and keep up with your blogging.

Having a tab for all your blogging activity shows millennials you are “with the times,” care about your social media presence and also provide knowledge to others thus making you a voice of authority in your field.


6. Make sure your “About Us” page shows images of your employees.

It’s nice for millennials to scroll down and see actual faces with names and job titles listed as they are learning about who you are and what you do.  It paints a very real picture of what your company is made of, making it easier to imaginatively insert themselves amongst them.


7. Include a section on your hiring page that accepts applications without an open position.

This is something that a lot of startup and tech companies are doing and getting positive responses with. It allows people to feel like they don’t have to fit in a perfect box and within a certain set of requirements. It also keeps your potential list of employees list in a designated place.


The average time a millennial spends at any given company is roughly 2 years. This shows they have witnessed the effects of economic instability and are protecting themselves as well as learning what they want as they go on. According to a recent survey poll, 21% of employees consider a job change based on an organization’s interesting post, over dissatisfaction with their current employer. Play your cards right and your website might be the reason they want to come work for you!

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