July 25, 2021
Company Culture 11 November 2020
7 Ways Young Professionals can Improve your Marketing Dept.
Gisel Malek
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 “Millennials will make up 36 percent of the workforce by 2014 and 46 percent by 2020—pretty good news for employers to have a generation of workers who are natural web marketers on the way“ Today, we have the “millennials on steroids” - Generation Z. 

Generation Z is loosely defined as those born between the mid- to late-1990s and 2010. They are essentially the future workforce of tomorrow. Brand loyalty starts here, in the younger generations, and they will have the biggest influence on future generations. Here are some of the impacts they will have on the future of marketing:

1. Experts When It Comes to Social Media

When it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, there are some questions companies need to ask like: 

  • Do you really know your way around every corner of social media? 
  • How do you know that your article will get enough reach? 
  • How do you know you’re reaching the right type of people? 
  • How do you make sure your message is getting across? 

Millennials will do this job for you. If you think about it, we keep up with the latest news through social media. We share articles to make them go viral and we can do that for you. We’ll grasp the concept of new players in social media marketing before anyone else. 

The reason? 

Millennials love connecting with people and engage in social media more than any other outlet there is (and with our social media handles, we know the optimal times to post and all the secrets to reaching more followers).

Today, millennials aren’t influenced much by advertising. We can easily fast forward through TV advertisements (most of us just skip it and ignore it), we use ad-blockers, and let's face it, some of us just have the attention span of a goldfish. However, the things we do pay attention to is social media and great content.

Social media marketing reaches the most people in the least amount of time and the best part is it costs close to nothing. With the right skill-set and great content, your post can go viral. By following the trends of society, we’re able to reach the biggest audience to create the most reach and engagement.

2. Always Keeping up With the Latest Trends

Right now, we are in a growing mobile generation. This has led to the emergence of Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest (notice a trend?). At this rate, we can see that the current generation has become more visual.

The biggest challenge companies are facing is being able to connect with a generation where pictures speak louder than words. 

This growth in mobile marketing has come to a point where our phones are equally as important as our computers. The moment we unlock our phones, we open up doors to new opportunities. There are new phones, tablets, apps among others releasing every month. As millennials, we keep up with these trends and we can utilize this knowledge and incorporate it into the companies we work for. Furthermore, we can work these trends into marketing on different channels better because we know how to do Content Marketing.

Social Media keeps trends going. Lucky for you, Millennials are experts! Looking into consumer behavior, consumers are heavily influenced by personal and cultural factors around them.  If one person finds something worth looking into, it gets shared through their feed to anyone else interested. 

This continues into a chain that ultimately leads to a form of viral marketing. People like getting their information from their social circles and tend to trust these brands because of that.

As you can see, millennials not only follow trends but also make them as well.

3. Work Quickly and Efficiently 

One important aspect of working with millennials is that we put ourselves on tight deadlines to get tasks done. With close attention to detail and a mindset to think outside the box, millennials are able to pull apart details and put together an elaborate and strategic plan to help the company rise.

According to Business Insider, Gen Z has proven to work and purchase things in a more efficient manner. This plays into the general term “time is money”. 

Looking into the thought process in Gen Z, we can use shopping as an example. While most people are comparing the prices between something in-store and online, Gen Z will look into the most efficient way to shop that both saves money and time. They look for the differences where benefits outweigh the costs. 

4. Showcase Their Values

 Values are the identity of your organization. The goal is to realign your values with your target demographic. In fact; many people would rather work for a company with better values at lower pay than a bigger company that undermines its values. 

Millennials choose to work for a company they are proud of and will showcase these values for the world around them through word of mouth and social media. 

They will be able to create buzz for a company that they believe in and generate more clients.

A common trend we see today is a focus on corporate social responsibility. It’s one thing that most people value.  Especially with millennials, we want to focus on the culture of the company and also what they can offer to help the world around them. 

For example, in 2009, Simon Sinek gave a TED Talk about doing tasks with a purpose. This is something that we as millennials take great pride in when it comes to the company we are working with.

Millennials want to be part of making a difference in the world around them to have a positive impact.  We showcase our values to show that this is a company that can be trusted.  

This leads to a focus on authenticity. Great company culture and inspiring values pull in the newer generations. Most of us won’t read a single article from a website if it doesn’t come from a credible source. According to  Millennial Branding and Elite Daily

33% of Millennials will check a company’s blog before purchasing from them. Just 1% of millennials surveyed said that an ad would make them trust a brand more. 

Millennials are seeking long term relationships with a brand. They want a brand they trust and a brand that they are proud to share with friends and family for generations to come. 

Hiring Generation Z employees who want to instill brand loyalty (through showcasing these values) will ensure returning customers. The best example is seen through Coca-Cola, one of the most trusted brands, that falls into our purchasing behavior almost intuitively. 

5. Highly Ambitious and Eager

Most of us have just recently graduated from college. We’re eager to work and have a fresh outlook on the business world. If there’s one thing that college has instilled in us, it’s that we should put forth fast solutions and bridge the gap between any weaknesses.  By this time, we have all learned strategies and can keep up with the evolving society around us. 

We have learned so much from the classes we’ve taken and we’re eager to turn what we’ve learned into experiences.  We have done countless case studies, marketing plans, strategic presentations, and we’re ready for the real world. 


6. Get the Hang of New Technology Faster

Growing up as Gen Z, I can learn how to use different forms of technology quicker than most. Our generation is known for being notoriously attached to technology, but it’s no surprise, growing up in the rise of the digital age. It gave us the advantage of learning the ins and outs of devices like smartphones, gaming systems, laptops, and other technology. 

When it comes to finding jobs, we know how to deal with online profiles, video interviews, and digital resumés. Millennials are like sponges - we soak up all the new information the digital world has to offer - and we can do it better than anyone else. 

7. Can Sway New Leads by Appealing to Own Generation

No one understands a millennial like another millennial. By being born in the same time frame, we grew up alongside one another. We understand what millennials like, dislike, and enjoy. 

It’s typically a lot easier for a millennial to pick up on which marketing trends are here to stay and which would fall flat. This can potentially lead to new marketing ideas that will appeal to other millennials and help nurture lifelong loyalty to your brand.

Looking into consumer behavior, millennials have a heavy influence from the cultural factors to the social factors. As mentioned previously, older generations may focus on the traditional models of marketing but there has been a shift towards digital marketing in the last decade. 

With all these technological advances, millennials have taken different approaches where traditional marketing won’t cut it. When purchasing products, many of us read reviews online before purchasing the product and possibly finding it cheaper online. 

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