June 15, 2021
Hiring 30 May 2019
Archiving and Rediscovering Candidates
Britta Howlett

Once a job description has been posted, hundreds of candidates start sending in their applications. Some applications will be very impressive and some will not. You perhaps only have one or a few openings so what do you do with all the other impressive applications? The best thing you can do is to archive the candidate. 

Archiving a candidate simply means you are putting their information in an inactive list. All of the candidate's information, challenges, or projects will be saved. You are just not ready to hire them but could rediscover and hire them in the future.


Why should we archive and rediscover candidates? 

According to Glassdoor, the average company spends about $4,000 to hire a new employee. It can be expensive and time-consuming. But when you archive and then rediscover the candidate, you aren’t spending any extra money. You already have access to their information and you already know that they are a good candidate. 

As an added bonus, past candidates have already engaged with your company and are more likely to be interested in new positions that you have to offer. 

When should we archive a candidate?

Archiving candidates can be for many reasons. Even though you liked a certain candidate, the job fit might have been better for someone else. Or, perhaps the candidate turned your offer down. No matter the reason, you should not throw these candidates out! 

You may come across skilled and successful applicants that simply are not a good fit for the current hiring position. Keep these ones close and get in touch with them once in a while for potential subsequent recruitment.  

How should we archive a candidate?  

Show all of the final selected applicants the proper respect by thanking them for their time and letting them know if you have extended the offer to another candidate. You might find yourself in the situation of meeting them again in the future, so don't burn any bridges. 

The best way to archive and rediscover is through ProSky’s platform. It can be time-consuming to keep a stack of resumes and going through all of them every time you need to hire someone new. 

ProSky helps eliminate the wasted time and helps you focus on what’s important to build your company. This allows you to keep everyone's information in one spot; no need to maintain a file storage system of all the past resumes. 

How do we approach them when it’s time to rediscover?

How you renew the connection with a candidate will depend on your past interactions with the candidate. If they turned you down, then you would have to address their past concerns. If you turned them down, you will need to explain what has changed to make them a good fit for your organization now.  

Make sure that when you do turn down a candidate, you clearly state why, offer constructive feedback, and then maintain an open line of communication.  This will allow you to comfortably reconnect with that person in the future.  Since you have all their information, you can decide what the best method of reaching them will be, whether it’s from a phone call or by email.

Once you rediscovered and hired your perfect candidate, you need to know how to keep them! Check out ProSky's features to see how our software can help you manage your employee growth and employee retention with succession planning.