July 22, 2019
Performance Management 05 December 2016
Career Crush: Help Us Show Thanks to People Ops Professionals
Gisel Malek

People Ops Appreciation begins TODAY! So, if you have ever hired someone before or know anyone who has, we encourage you to participate in this giveaway and share this giveaway with your friends and colleagues. The more you share, the more entries you will get to win. Check out the details below for how to enter and win! 

Recruiting is a huge responsibility that is often overlooked. Our People Ops Giveaway is a chance to give back and follow up with the right thank you to the people who help influence candidates and companies on a daily basis.

Who can you share this opportunity with?

Everyone! More specifically, friends, colleagues, and anyone in your professional network that you think could use some fun prizes to brighten up their day! 

People Ops Appreciation Giveaway

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win some amazing prizes and at the same time gain some insight on recruiting tips and solutions to make your job easier and more effective.