September 26, 2020
Hiring 01 June 2018
Considering Video Interviews? What You Need to Know
Gisel Malek
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Using video interviews when recruiting means eliminating geographic challenges, increasing your candidate pool and fostering greater interaction between the candidate and recruiter. Second only to hiring from within the company, this type of interview is a great way of determining whether a candidate is a right fit within the company and its culture.

Video communication is the preferred method of communication in 2018. With all the technological advances, it is no surprise how video interaction has become such an integral part of the hiring process. Using video interviews can help you find and attract more qualified candidates as well as evaluate them for cultural fit within your company


Here are some of our favorite reasons why video interviews are a great way to recruit:

1. Lower Cost:

Often times companies are limited by the amount of money that they have to spend on onboarding. The average cost of hiring an individual that has to be flown in can exceed any company’s budget.  Airfare, hotel, and meals for the candidate you are interviewing (even if you are very certain about the given individual) can still cost your company unnecessary amounts of money. 

If the candidate happens to be local, the prep time for getting ready for the interviews can cost recruiters valuable time and resources as well. Candidates deciding that they can’t make it to a physical interview after you have scheduled it can be one of the most frustrating things for a recruiter. 

With video interviewing, you are greatly reducing the costs associated with hiring. Optionally, candidates can also pre-record their responses on their time and you can watch them on yours.

2. Reduce Attrition:

One of the best things about video interviewing is the ability to fill those open positions a lot faster. Many companies go through phone screenings and countless emails before they even meet with a candidate. 

When you think about how many candidates you may have to interview, this quickly becomes a lengthy process! Video interviews allow for flexibility so that there are less scheduling conflicts for both sides.

Video interviews give you the opportunity to see things that can get lost in a phone interview, making it a much more efficient process.  

Allowing you to see people’s faces is another huge benefit to video interviewing because it's much easier to gauge how a person goes about answering questions. Getting what you need faster will cut down on your interview time altogether.

3. A Better Experience:

Many millennials are likely to pursue other opportunities while still employed, especially if they are attracted to the culture of the company. If more employers implement video interviews or allow candidates to pre-record their responses, they will represent a culture of convenience which greatly attracts millennials. If candidates know that they don’t have to pretend call in sick, so they can take a day to prepare, dress for and drive to make your interview on time, they will value your company and pass on a good word to their friends who are also interested in advancing their careers. 

Candidates will also greatly value that they can spend the time to really answer the questions the way they want to and be glad to have the opportunity to really show their true selves to your company. Many interviews don’t allow for that and this kind of forward-thinking will attract more innovative and creatively minded individuals to your team.

Video interviews are one of the many features associated with ProSky's performance-based hiring platform. Learn more by signing up for a demo today!