January 15, 2021
Training and Development 06 November 2017
Employee Growth in the Workplace, Are We Being Proactive?
Jazmine Wilkes

There many theories on why employees leave the workplace, no matter their age. Understanding employees' wants and needs are a part of the organization's goals, just like meeting quarterly and yearly goals. The question is, how can we keep employees happy and coming back to work? 

Our employees deserve the best, they are the people speaking with our customers every day and they have firsthand knowledge of what most customers want from the company. HR has also discussed the performance review very heavily over the last two years. These situations mentioned all have a direct relation to employee growth within the company, and how you use them can affect your employees' desire to stay with your organization. 

Employee growth within a company is one of the biggest ways to attract potential employees into your organization if you’re using it correctly. Here are a few ideas on promoting employee growth. 

Employee Training:

Employee growth cannot correctly succeed if there is no great training program implemented in the company. Hands-on training, interactive training, coaching, lectures, etc. Training is not just a "one day over and done" situation, it is the most important service employers need to provide to their employees. There should be training in place throughout every level of any organization. Employees want to be trained, they know it is a way of moving up within a company. Even employees who aren’t ready to move into a new position still want to be cross-trained in areas that will help them improve their skills. When training is happening correctly in an organization, managers will have less work to handle because the employee knows the proper steps to take in different situations. 

The benefits of ongoing training help both employees and employers to become better in their roles. Managers usually have ongoing training through class/lecture settings. Executives have ongoing training through conferences. It’s not only about going to these sessions and trainings to grow yourself, but also a responsibility to bring the information back to the company and dissect ways to incorporate these new learnings into your organization. Providing flexible learning programs to help not only your daytime employees, but also your 2nd and 3rd shift employees. 

Promoting Employee Recognition:

Employees deserve to be recognized for the work they do. Yes, I get that it’s their job and why we pay them and give them benefits, but not everyone clocks into work for the pay! Think back to when you wanted a simple “Thank You” for staying late every day this week when you were starting out. Everyone isn’t driven by the same need or want, as a higher-up, you should know that first. The holiday rush can be brutal on employees physically and mentally. Productivity during the holidays can be especially hard with long holiday hours put in and time away from family.  If you’re going to require your employee to be there for 10 hours without leaving, provide them lunch or a quiet space to relax.

The one big recognition my company puts on is a yearly picnic, we close all our stores for about 4 hours provide lunch, activities for the kids, and awards. Our team loves being able to bring their kids out and talk to other employees or managers that they don’t always see in just a relaxed mode. You can even start this today, give the next employee you see a thank you for the hard work they’ve been doing these past few weeks, just don’t hug them … you know how HR feels about hugs. 

Motivating the Passion:

You can tell by my twitter account or by reading my personal blog that I have a passion for HR. Ever since I was able to obtain an HR role almost 2 years ago, my position on learning everything HR could provide has mounted. When I started the twitter and blog accounts, it’s an experience that I cannot explain. Even though I hate mornings, I get excited about going to work, that is one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. 

Everyone’s passion isn’t HR, but I want to know what my employees are passionate about and how having a job at this company can help them get to where they want to be. What if you have an employee that is passionate about becoming a manager one day, but you’re not taking the time to train them in every way possible? 

Get behind your employees, no matter if their passion leads them to the manager of your company or another. For the time that they are with you, make them the best employee they can be and use the skills they’ve learned to teach others. 

Performance Reviews: 

In my world, performance reviews are essential to our managers understanding their position. There has been a big uproar to get rid of the performance review altogether, but even as an employee, I think performance reviews can be a major help. They allow you to sit down with your employee and discuss the good and the bad with them. 

Where are they exceeding, where are they falling off, what are you looking for them to do next, what goal are they looking to accomplish? 

Performance reviews are also a great piece of documentation to have on file when the employee isn’t improving their skills. Having it on paper is a nice reminder of the discussion that was had on where we both expected that employee to be within a month or time frame that was agreed on. 

Promoting employee growth within your company is all about believing in your employees and training them in every possible way available to your organization. Employees can’t grow if the company is holding them back. Just like the passion you have for your position, they are also looking to achieve their goals. Never take the ability to train someone lightly.

There is no better feeling than when you help someone on their journey to find the thing that moves them. It’s even greater when that thing is your organization! I promise your employees will appreciate the time at the organization, good or bad, when they realize how much they are going to benefit from it. Business is a game, how you allow your employees to play, will determine what they bring to your company. 

An HR Assistant learning the ways of everything HR. Jazmine describes herself as an “HR Millennial Trying to Get It Right”. A rising star and young professional, you can read her take on HR on the HRJazzy Blog