October 24, 2019
Company Culture 11 April 2017
Essential Diversity Practices in the Workplace
Brittanei Cain

You’ve finally got your perfect team on the job! Your new members are wonderful, intelligent, AND diverse. It’s a dream come true. 

Now that you’ve gotten your diverse candidates, what are you going to do to keep them? What’s next?

Deciding how to improve diversity and inclusion practices in your company will not only have an impact on your current employees, it will affect the future of your company prospects as a whole.  

If you are serious about retaining diverse team members, you should consider hiring a Director Of Diversity. This should be someone that fits the criteria of being diverse and someone that is willing to go above and beyond to break down the boundaries of corporate America. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, 60% of Fortune 500 companies have a Chief of Diversity and you should too! This officer will be in charge of helping the transition of new hires into your workforce, understanding the struggles that underrepresented groups face, and ensuring discriminatory policies are being taken care of. 

By having diverse leadership, turnover rates will be lower among employees and they can feel like they have something to work towards. Remember; think of diversity as a functioning part of your business. Consider all the different groups of people: veterans, the minorities, people who identify as LGBT, people with disabilities, and any other marginalized group.


When a diversity specialist is hired, your company needs to take a look at your current policies. Pass out evaluations to employees and let them understand the commitment your company is trying to me. 

When you evaluate yourself, be honest! This is just the first step and every company has room to grow and change. 

Evaluations should be held twice a year to ensure that change is actually happening and that you have realistic goals set in place for your employees.


After you evaluate your current standing on diversity, build a mentor network. This network could be a resource group specifically aimed at a marginalized group or even just pairing together two similar people with different time periods at the company.  

The groups that are put together should bond together professionally and personally. They can be responsible for community service projects, leadership seminars, and have a direct report to the diversity commissioner to ensure that their group’s needs are being accommodated.


Brand diverse presentations and seminars to your company and present them as learning tools and building blocks of your business. Understanding the company’s commitment to diversity will ensure that you have the right culture fit around the office. 

You do not just want to have a tolerant culture; your culture needs to be progressive in bringing different ideas and different people into the mix.  

The seminars you put into play with your company can expand beyond the walls of the office! There's a chance that your seminars can motivate college students or others to join in your mission. 

Having open forums about diversity and actually talking about it will make your company have a community of respect. Everyone will know their role and how they personally can do better and make sure your company is going in the right direction.


In order to continue to improve your diversity inclusion, you must continue to employ different candidates. Understanding the importance of diverse models and practices are the essential functions of a better company. 

Make sure that recruits know that your company is progressive and ready to make a change in the future to make the company better. Understand that all your employees matter and make sure that you are able to create that same sense of community while recruiting new team members. 

Creating a diverse company takes a lot of work. Be patient. Many practices you already have can be adapted and it's never too late to start changes. If you're looking for some help or want to ask questions about improving diversity in your organization let's chat! Schedule a time here or chat us below!