February 28, 2021
Hiring 12 January 2017
Five Gen Z Traits that Will Add Value to Your Organization
Gisel Malek
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“Generation Z are like millennials on steroids.” -Dan Schawbel

So if you’re reading this you might be wondering, what group of people actually make up Generation Z? Technically, Gen Z comes after Millennials. While there is no general consensus regarding exact dates, Gen Z is composed of people born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s. 

Gen Z is more than what year you were born in, it’s a mindset and lifestyle that naturally comes with character traits that will add value to any organization. 

Here are 5 reasons why:


Gen Zers are incredibly flexible. Maybe it’s because they have experienced a major shift in the world from the internet and remember what it was like to have a flip phone as their first phone before the smartphone era took over. 

Either way, flexibility and adaptability are two characteristics that Gen Zers have and two attributes that companies desperately need amongst their employees. Gen Zers are not afraid to do something that is not within their job description. Their love of learning and trying new things make for great employees who are willing to fill a place when needed. 


Gen Zers are out of the box thinkers. They are comfortable taking risks and are all about efficiency. Every company could use someone to help create more efficient systems and a fresh outlook on how to make that happen. 

As new things trend daily, it is important to rely on the social media savvy to come up with those out of the box ways to take advantage of trends to help any business grow and become more profitable. There are always ways to bring it back to your business and great minds can make it relevant for you.


Texting and watching Netflix might be the most common way Gen Zers multitask but don’t rule out their multitasking ability to just that. Gen Zers are capable of balancing multiple projects and actually prefer doing it. Multitasking is second nature and along with their ambitious goal of efficiency, Gen Z will not disappoint with their work ethic due to multitasking.


Gen Z is savvy, smart, and sharp. They strive to work smarter and are competitive. They want to beat themselves and their peers in an effort to accomplish the most with the smallest amount of effort. This might sound lazy but it’s exactly the opposite. Gen Zers are all about optimization. This ability to optimize will benefit 


Diversity is an opportunity to learn more. Gen Zers are composed of a diverse group and are open to learning and embracing differences. This open-minded attitude is perfect because Gen Zers are able to jump right into an already existing system while learning how to improve it. Diversity is a benefit and Gen Zers understand this.

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