August 20, 2019
Hiring 01 October 2016
Go On! Take your Candidates for a Test Drive
Gisel Malek
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We asked hundreds of students, what being prepared for an interview means to them and some of the mostly mentioned phrases were: 

1. Being well dressed

2. Researching the company

3. Being able to answer questions 

4. Remain professional. 

All of these help with gaining confidence. Confidence, also, was mentioned frequently.

These responses may not come as a surprise to many recruiters, but it is obvious that students don’t expect to be demonstrating their skill set during an interview or throughout the hiring process in general. 

Everything people know going into an interview is about how to make a good impression, how to effectively answer questions and ultimately be liked by the recruiter enough to come back for a second or third interview. 

When did recruiting become a popularity contest?

Candidates don’t expect to be tested on skill-set because most companies often do not test candidates’ knowledge before hiring them. It’s only logical to assume that since it hasn’t been done before, there would be no reason or way to even prepare for it. Recruiters merely ask for experience verbally or go over what’s written on a resume one by one.

We surveyed hundreds of recruiters, asking them how they determine skill set before hiring, and most people said that they use reference checks, phone screens, and panel interviews. It is clear that there is a huge disconnect between what the interview process entails for most companies and what should be implemented. 

It’s damaging that younger candidates don’t expect to demonstrate a skill set as part of the hiring process because it seems like it should be one of the first things that should be done. Across the board, nearly half of companies agree that a bad hire can cost up to $25,000. It’s obvious that companies need to look at changing their methods, and the best way to begin is to test for technical and behavioral skills.  

Test drive your candidates before you hire them! 

You wouldn’t buy a car before taking it for a test drive, and hiring people to be a part of your carefully selected team should be no different. Develop challenges and projects based on your department needs and determine how well your candidates can perform on their own or in a group setting. 

Provide mentorship to get involved in the process from beginning to end, so you can see how your potential hires react to challenges and what their problem-solving skills are! 

Imagine if you can determine not just technical skill sets required for the success of the position in question, but if you can also see so many other important things like drive, teamwork capabilities, critical thinking and leadership skills. 

It’s hard to find qualified candidates, but ProSky makes it easier because we don’t let you worry about the sourcing - we do that for you. You have handed to you, candidates that have learned the specific skills you want them to have. 

All you have to do is determine which you one you want to pick and extend that offer letter to. Let this be the new norm: Younger candidates should expect to show you what they have, not just tell you about it. 

Learn more about the differences between projects and challenges and start implementing better hiring practices. To learn more about how projects and challenges work, sign up for a demo today!