June 15, 2021
Hiring 18 December 2019
How ATS Integration Helps Empower Your Company
Kelly Barcelos

In the corporate realm today, companies that integrate an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into their recruitment process tend to attract and hire the best candidates. 

It’s an innovative hiring strategy that helps organizations easily achieve their recruitment objectives since you can digitalize and centralize applicants’ information in one place and scrutinize their behavior to identify the best candidates.

On the other hand, your new hires will not have to wait for management to respond to their queries. Therefore, they will experience a sense of empowerment by resolving their queries on their own. 

Here are the benefits of using an ATS:

1. Application Status Readily Available  

If your potential employees want to know the status of their application, they normally get in touch with the HR – their only point of contact. This step is crucial in the candidate experience because if the information is not provided in time, the candidate may lose interest as they might feel ignored – a reason that’s good enough to lose your top talent to competitors. 

Using an ATS, your potential employees can easily track their application status without making a phone call. This makes them feel empowered and engaged since the start as they do not have to disrupt anyone’s routine. HR Professional Cali Morris says

"(ATS) creates a good candidate experience because they can create profiles and get alerts. We can also track people we want to stay in touch with."

Candidates form a good impression of the company’s culture and its tech-friendliness during the recruitment process itself while the company benefits from having technology supplement their recruiting as well.

2. Faster Results with Faster Recruitment Process

The average time to fill an open position is 42 days. Now, that’s a long time for your potential employees to stay with you. It’s a risk you shouldn’t be willing to put up with because you may lose your top candidates to competitors who can employ them faster than you.  

Using an ATS can optimize your recruitment process. It supports easy communication between candidates, recruiters and hiring teams to ensure that your candidates are engaged throughout the recruitment process. 

The ATS has in-built templates you can use to communicate with your potential employees. You can also use the calendar options to schedule interviews. The ATS can also help you, source candidates, keep track of metrics and generate detailed reports. 

An integrated ATS also helps you speed up the onboarding process by giving out a pre-arranged list of resources for each candidate. 

In a nutshell, an ATS streamlines and automates your entire recruitment process, saving a considerable amount of time spent on administrative tasks. And that significantly reduces the length of the recruitment process, thereby getting your highly-prized talent onboard faster than expected.

3. Quick Solutions to Basic Candidate Problems

In an ATS-devoid work environment, if the employees want to make any changes in their personal information – for whatever reason – or if they have to apply for leave or request for tasks, they have to approach their HR or managers. Relying on somebody else for things that need immediate attention can get frustrating for the employees. 

An ATS provides candidates with technical support so that they can make small changes themselves and feel trusted. Candidates can fill out basic information and necessary paperwork to make the hiring and onboarding processes more smooth and easy to handle. Jen Moran Kerrigan from HR Screening Services says,

The benefit to clients is that all of their info is in one place. When a candidate applies online, the client is collecting the personal info, as well as custom, position-based questions and details. Also, at the point of application, the candidate is electronically signing their background screening waiver and completing their WOTC forms, online. The client can then manage the employee from application to termination in the system, including basic onboarding!

Once they are hired, employees can also use ATS to make leave requests and keep track of their work schedule, which gives them better control over their corporate life. Combined with a proper HRIS, you can maximize human capital by minimizing problems while increasing the engagement and emotional investment of employees.

4. Happier Surroundings 

ATS creates a win-win situation for both management and employees. Everyone starts working at a faster pace. With ATS, employee engagement and productivity are at an all-time high.Candidates can enter their information in their application and eliminate the need for re-entering the same data at any time by automatically filling up several new hire forms. Also, the HR department saves time on data entry, which ensures minimal errors while transferring data from one place to another. Automated data transfer and least human intervention reduce recruiters’ headache of missing out on sending any key information to HR.

Ways an ATS can help you make things easier:

When asked how an ATS can benefit a company, Susan Thayer had this to say:  

As a TA Manager, my head nearly exploded when I read this question! An ATS to a recruitment process is like a CRM to Sales and Marketing. You need a reporting system to not only make sure you have candidate records for Compliance, but you also to see where your marketing budget is pulling, where bottlenecks in the system are, Time to Fill... most importantly, it keeps a timestamp of all interactions. You can be sure you are keeping in contact with your candidates.

It's quite obvious that users of ATS have strong feelings on how they can improve your company's hiring process and other systems! Here are 9 other reasons why having an ATS can help empower you and your employees:

1. ATS allows you to post your job listings on various social media channels with just a few clicks. Thus, it gets rid of several redundant steps that take a lot of your time. 

2. The ATS automatically posts the new listings on your careers page as well, thus eliminating another redundant process. 

3. The ATS updates you on the status of all the applicants and prompts you to take the required action.

4. With an ATS, you can customize your hiring process and also the steps involved in it. You can easily create a process for a particular job opening and then replicate it for other openings too. 

5. The software allows you to create tasks and delegate them within your team. You can view the status of the task at any stage of the recruiting process. 

6. An ATS allows you to share candidate information and profiles with all or specific members of the recruiting team. Through this system, you can also take multiple candidate interviews with different company members. 

7. You can send emails to all candidates or a specific candidate depending on the stage of the recruiting process with just a click. 

8. Applicants from various sources such as emails, job boards, careers page, etc. are automatically parsed and stored in the ATS. You can easily search the resumes when needed. 

9. The ATS automatically parse the candidate’s contact information from the resume to the candidate profile and make this information easily searchable.


Integrating an ATS into your hiring strategy is the key to enhancing your recruitment and employee experience. It helps you eliminate any errors, screen candidates in real-time, keep a consistent flow of information, make sure you do not miss out on any step, and hire the best candidates while saving time. 

Kelly Barcelos is a content marketing manager for Jobsoid, a recruitment software. When Kelly is not building marketing campaigns, she is busy creating content to help people hire better. She shares tips, industry insights, innovations and several other topics that help a wide variety of audiences in their hiring efforts. As a working mom of three, she knows the importance of time management and counts on her multitasking ability to get her through her to-do lists.