July 23, 2019
Company Culture 14 November 2018
How to Create Employee Experiences That Attract Tech Talents
Kristin Savage
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Businesses who want to excel in today’s global market are creating employee experience as their strategic foundation. The world of technology is especially competitive. In this thriving talent economy, you need to stand out to attract and retain the most talented tech employees. 

Researches from Gallup and Willis Towers Watson have shown how a rewarding employee experience can influence employee engagement, external customer experiences, and overall results. With the promise of delivering an enjoyable work experience, you will double your chances to get the best out of the best.

In order to help you to create your own employee experience strategy which will get you an engaging tech employee, I have outlined the following proven methods.

Career Opportunities

Every talented individual, aware of his/her qualities is looking for a real career development opportunity and that is what you need to deliver.

LinkedIn Job Switchers Report even provided statistics of reasons why people joined their new job and a stronger career path is the most important factor.

Source: LinkedIn Job Switchers Report

How can you show that your company is worthy of their time? 

Put in focus what you have to offer. Make your employees aware of the company’s progress and how they are benefiting its growth. 

Emphasize that every success the company has wouldn’t be possible without their effort. 

They need to recognize the potential of your company in order to realize how their career can grow as well. 

If you are a startup company which doesn’t have a backstory to rely on, take the advantage of your newcomer position and share with the employees your plans and ambitions. This will help them to visualize your joined path to success.

Purpose-driven Employees

You need your employees to understand how meaningful they are to the company if you want to present your business as the right choice.

Develop a community that is supportive and motivational. Try to give your employees some decision-making power which will show them that they are more than just a replaceable work-force. 

Passionate work is what will make your employees feel inspired and it will enable you to create your perfect tech team.

Make sure that you set challenging goals, inspire them with a vision, and openly appreciate your employees’ efforts. 

Don’t forget that a driven working team with a high level of fulfillment equals attractive business for new talents.

Team Culture

Develop a work culture that will make your employees excited to go to work. 

People consider Monday to be the worst day of the week because it reminds them of another 5 days they will spend at their tiring workplace. Change that belief by creating a pleasant work environment which will get your employees to enjoy every hour of their spent time.

Tom Perrault, Chief People Officer at MemSQL, explains to Forbes:

“Look first at what you have to offer a prospective employee. Have you created a fun, engaging work environment? Do you offer challenging work? Do people see a chance for growth and upward movement in your organization? Those are the things that matter to tech talent today.”

Advance your employees from within and create a strong bond that will consist of mutual respect, understanding, and teamwork. 

Innovative Technology

When trying to attract tech talents you need to offer equipment that is worthy of their attention.

Whether that is the newest technology tools or just innovative ways of approaching the existing tasks, you need to get them excited about their job position.

They will look at it as an opportunity to grow and develop their skills since using top technology and groundbreaking methods represent ambition and willingness to think outside the box. Needless to say that that is exactly what tech talents are looking for.

Besides that, by providing your employees with appropriate tools to work with you will be able to take your business to the next level and establish your brand name. 

Learning Opportunities 

As a technology leader, you need to show that you care about your employees’ development. 

Technology is like a living organism that never ceases to progress and grow in different directions. That is why providing learning opportunities are especially important for gaining the trust of tech talents.

Not to mention that every effort you invest in employee training will have a direct beneficial influence on your company’s results. 

Here is what you can provide to your employees as a part of a learning experience that inspires:

  • regular one-on-one conversations
  • clear and constructive feedback
  • hands-on experience outside of everyday routine
  • opportunity for employees to express what they want to learn
  • on-demand training resources for ongoing development
  • present organizational challenges and direction
  • invite suggestions
  • opportunity for employees to express how they contribute

Managers as Talent Magnets

Managers play one of the key roles in the employees’ experience. They are not positioned to order around but they are needed for keeping the employees’ morale and giving them guidance.

In today’s competitive market, good managers have never been this important. By providing directions to the employees, they keep the work organized. More importantly, they are there to pick them up when the enthusiasm seems to be going down. 

Misunderstandings, quarrels, opposite opinions, they are all inevitable part of a work environment. A manager needs to be the one who will keep the team together and be a role model for the employees.

A skilled manager plays a vital role in achieving business goals and attracting driven candidates who will want to be under such guidance.

Stand Out

Originality and creativity are qualities which are always appreciated by employees, especially if you use those qualities to make their workplace better.

Show your employees and your future candidates that you have a uniqueness which they won’t find anywhere else.

Try to think about different ways in which you can improve the employees’ working hours.

The Head of the employee selection team at Pick Writers, one of the largest translation companies, says that it is of crucial importance to humanize yourself to potential employees. Some of the ways to improve current employees’ experience and promote your company to the future employees as a one of a kind opportunity are to maintain an entertaining blog with regular update posts about your team, organize fun office activities, advocate for company events, etc.

Target Universities

Young minds filled with unexploited ideas and drive for success are one of the main targets for talent seekers.

Not to mention that without much previous working experience you will be able to help them to shape according to your work system.

However, the real tech talents who are aware of their worth are the ones who will be the hardest to get.

That is why Josh Graber, Head of Talent Acquisition at NewsCred, recommends the following strategies for attracting new employees:

“One of our best tactics is to attack career fairs at universities side-by-side with members of our engineering team. Bringing technical talent along gives prospective engineers the opportunity to ask technical questions and gives them the chance to know people that they may ultimately end up working with. We also typically invite candidates to join us for a dinner at these events so we can get to know them as people and in a more relaxed environment.”

Take into account that your current employees will look at this as an example of how your company only wants the best possible candidates which will indicate that they also fit the role.


Being a part of one of the most competitive job markets can be challenging, but it’s your responsibility to find a way to attract the best tech talents. 

Talented people who have the whole world in front of them will always go for the company they believe that has the best working environment. That is why you need to create a pathway to memorable employer brand. By applying the above-mentioned strategies you will certainly get closer to creating your dream team. 

Kristin Savage nourishes, sparks and empowers using the magic of a word. Along with pursuing her degree in Creative Writing, Kristin was gaining experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors. Now she had found herself as a freelance writer.  She observes with a special interest how the latest achievements in media and technology help to grow readership and revenue and shares her opinion. You can find her on Facebook and Medium.