February 28, 2021
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How to Find The Perfect Match Professionally
Alexis Ang
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Knowing how to find the perfect match professionally or filling a new position or role at your organization can feel like an uphill battle. It’s kind of like dating or shopping in the clearance section of Nordstrom Rack. You’re on a journey to find “the one”.

You sift through hundreds of bad items (or ineffective resumes) in order to find at least one, or hopefully, a handful of good ones. There will be loads of items you won’t need, like a wool sweater in July (or several inexperienced candidates after you just spent months training the one you had to fire). You’ll find things that were probably amazing at one point, but now have damage like a stain (or candidates who feel entitled from past experiences). 

Periodically, you might even find something that seems perfect on the rack, but you go to try it on and realize something isn’t working (or the candidate who had the perfect resume, killed the interview, appears to have all the right qualifications but now has you questioning your decision after the first week). It’s difficult to know what the exact problem is but you can’t put your finger on it. 

You might start daydreaming about how much better your life would be if you would just give in to your temptation and shop in the full-priced section (insert dream candidate with a stellar track record, great interpersonal skills, teachable and result-oriented). You then come back to reality knowing that’s not realistic and you keep searching hoping to find something worthy of purchasing (that special someone worth investing and bringing on to your team).

Preparing for the Perfect Match

What if it wasn't just a dream? It didn’t have to be this way? What if hiring was more like test driving cars or trying clothes on the fitting room. Only bringing home the one you love, that works for YOU? (or hiring the candidate who is the perfect match for your company). Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping you find the right person, you can set yourself up to find the perfect match every time. Creating pathways within your company will help set you up for success. Each employee and each career within your organization should have a “pathway” so that the next time you have a senior position open up, you can hire from your team internally. Rather than going out and starting the process all over again. 

Pathways help you as an organization to build a foundation of trust and transparency. Each position within your company has its own pathway, filled with its own set of milestones, training certifications, and challenge or project. Each progression or promotion ensures candidates and employees are qualified and ready to take on the next position.

Creating the Right Environment

When finding the right match, you as the employer should be up to standard and ready to show why candidates should want to work for your company.  Job seekers now more than ever are placing an emphasis on professional growth, cultural fit, and a fulfilling career. 

A recent survey showed that 64% of millennials would rather make $40K at a job they love than make $100K at a job they think is boring, unfulfilling or that doesn’t make them feel “valued”. 

Building a great company culture takes time, planning, and investing in your people. Setting up expectations and potential growth is essential to any successful company culture. Being transparent about the long-term opportunities available to your employees will go a long way to attracting "the one".

For example, you could hire a social media intern and allow them to grow and continue on the path to a marketing manager. They could get trained through your internal training online, test their knowledge by implementing campaigns and drive results putting them closer to that next promotion. 

In addition, you give your employees the ability and opportunity to increase their learning, improve skills, make an impact. Giving them milestones, training, and mentors along the way will build trust and transparency. It also allows both candidates and employers to feel invested, valued, and successful because they grow as you grow.  

Candidates want to know how they can bring value and what potential they might have if they come to work for you. Implementing these strategies early lets you see how candidates will interact and engage with your company as well as see how far they could go. It's a win-win.

Try Before You Hire

Think about the next time you hire or look to fill a new or senior role. Instead of sifting through all those resumes and hoping the few you select to interview turn out to be great, put candidates to the test! Let them show you why they are the best fit and help them to experience first hand what the role would be like. This way, you’ll have multiple ideal candidates, showcasing how they can make a difference in your company. 

Performance-based hiring will allow you as the employer are able to see how candidates interact, collaborate and perform under pressure. You can even get your department heads involved or the executive level involved. This is another great way to improve company culture and help everyone feel a part of the hiring process. 

It’s easy to involve your current internal team by having them set up mentoring hours or even leading the project. You can also gather current employees and put them in the mix if it’s for a promotion or to get their take on what’s it like working with those candidates.

Having training, projects, and challenges on the pathway to hire is one of the best ways to show you are invested in the candidate. It also keeps you and the candidate accountable on both sides. If candidates know what’s expected and what is possible with you as an employer, they are more likely to succeed and be invested in your organization. Resulting in decreased turnover, improved company culture, and most importantly, success for both you and the employee.

So what are you waiting for? Let us get you set up on the right path to finding the perfect professional match, the first time for your organization! Send us a message or schedule a time here.