July 25, 2021
Performance Management 13 April 2020
How to get Employees Aligned with the Company Vision
Hannah Son

Every company needs to have a vision. As a leader, it is your job to create this vision and make it known. Without a vision, your company is like someone swimming circles in the ocean and bound to sink eventually. Vision statements focus on the potential inherent within a company's future. It is a description of what the company intends or aspires to be. 

Creating a vision may be simple, but getting everyone on the same page with that vision can be challenging. Even the best employees with the best intentions may need guidance so that their work can be aligned with the company vision. 

Here are some simple steps your company needs to consider in order to align employees with the company’s vision.

Make Your Vision a Part of Your Company’s Processes:

Whether it’s hiring, training, or onboarding processes, make sure your employees are aware of the vision from day one.  In order for an employee to become aligned with their company’s vision, they must hear it at all times. The vision should be discussed during the hiring process, incorporated into the onboarding process, and then brought up consistently throughout the term of their employment. 

In order for the company vision to be visible to all employees, it needs to be concise and relatable to every employee at every level. The 4 steps to making an effective vision statement are:

1. Define your Company's Output - what is the final outcome you want for your customers?

2. Define the Unique Twist - what makes you different or special?

3. Apply Quantification - how will you measure your progress along the way?

4. Add "Human" Aspects - how can you make it relatable or tangible?


Tie It in With Goals:

The vision statement of any company should be tied to realistic goals for employees. By framing your vision in this manner, you are turning the company vision into an integral part of the daily experience. 

Everybody from the interns to the CEO should be feeding into the system to reach their goals which will, in turn, push the company toward its ultimate goal. By integrating your vision with goals, employees are inspired to hold each other accountable to be their best and contribute to the vision.

Lining up your employee’s goals with the company vision is a crucial aspect to having a successful company. Having the right Employee Performance Management software tools and infrastructure to help create this alignment is also paramount.  Make sure everything is in place to support these processes is of the utmost importance to an organization’s growth. 

 Clear Communication: 

One of the most vital strategies that must be put into practice at every company is prioritizing clear and concise communication. Make sure that there is no room for misinterpreting its meaning, a good vision statement is simple and easy to understand. 

Company goals and objectives associated with the vision must be conveyed via reliable, clear, and comprehensive methods. Clarify that your employees understand how working toward their goals is connected to the company vision. Ali Ubaid Rajput from Decrum says,

Give value to all employee's ideas, encourage them to share their knowledge and information, Create secure communication between all team members and make sure that they all are on the same page with the same goal and vision. 

In addition to direct face-to-face communication with candidates and employees about vision-related issues, a company needs to take advantage of high-tech resources as well — including email, textsblogs, and communication platforms. Display your vision statement prominently in as many places as you can so that your employees see it often and can refer back to it when needed. 

Here’s an example of an HR vision statement:

Our company culture encourages continuous improvement, supports work-life balance, fosters teamwork, and provides opportunities for employees to grow. We provide a healthy, happy, and professional environment so that all employees can succeed and grow within the company.

Company Transparency: 

It’s one thing to state your vision, it’s another to act upon it! When your employees see you working hard to live the standards of the vision, they’ll be motivated to do the same. 

Leaders and managers should accountable for meeting their own goals and doing their part to promote transparency in the workplace. Let employees know what you are doing to achieve your company's vision and ensure that they are kept aware of the progress the company is making as a whole. 

Not only is transparency great for the company vision, but it's also a good way to build trust with employees and customers. Everyone will see that you are a company that does exactly what it says it does. Of course, this only works if you are aligned with the vision! Make the necessary changes so that the company is as good you hope it will be. 

Don't compromise your vision and hope to not be found out, it's your responsibility as a manager to encourage all parts of your organization are following the guidelines established by the vision.

Follow-ups and Check-in:

A once-a-year performance review is not frequent enough to meet the ever-changing pace of business, and it’s no secret that employees crave frequent feedback to help guide them and align them with what the company needs from them. However, what managers need to know is that feedback shouldn’t always be a long-form review. 

Oftentimes, weekly or monthly check-ins will help your employees feel motivated and supported. So check in on their deadlines and projects and support your employees’ progression towards their goals that align with the company vision. Recognize and reward team members who consistently accomplish their tasks on time and give reminders for improvement as needed.

How to Help Employees Stay Focused on Your Mission Vision

  • Hold company meetings: Get everyone to attend and talk about how the organization is making an effort to reach it's mission vision and goals. Staying transparent about the failures and the successes of the company will help your employees be more engaged and productive. 
  • Surveys: Giving a survey to your employees about the mission vision will help you know if your employees actually understand what the vision is and how they play a vital part in the vision. If employees do not understand then you can find a different way to teach or train so that they can grasp what the goals are.
  • Find out what's working and what not: When you initially present your mission vision to your employees you may find that a number of them will lean towards one aspect of the vision but might not be all in. Find out what went wrong by getting feedback. It could be that the vision is not challenging enough or that it's too challenging. You then can tweak the vision to help your employees and organization succeed.
  • Make goals that are relevant to your employees: Employees need to feel that their work has a purpose. In order to do so, managers should meet with their employees and talk about goals they can set that are aligned with the company vision. By doing so, employees will find more meaning in their work and will be more engaged. 

By having a clear vision and doing these necessary steps to work towards aligning your employees with it, your company will be prepared to hit its full potential in the future. A company is only as good as its employees, and therefore employees are the most important to get on board. Success will come once everybody is on the same page and headed toward the same goal. For more tips, subscribe to Talking Talent and check out our other articles.