June 15, 2021
Training and Development 18 September 2019
How to Help Employees Thrive and Be Successful
Craig Middleton

Behind every great working business, there is a support system of employees working hard to keep it going. There are many different methods that you can use to train your employees and if done properly you won’t have to worry about them straying away from your training. 

It takes strategy and skill to properly train your employees, but your business will thank you for it later. You can successfully train your employees by having structure and organization, hands-on practice, testing their skills, having other employees train them and holding ongoing training classes.

Structure and Organization

One of the most important and key ways to have your employees trained effectively and efficiently is by having structure and organization within your business. There’s nothing worse than having an unorganized work setting for employees to train that this will make it complicated to learn new material and stay focused on the task or training that’s at hand.

When everything is organized during training, it allows the instructors or trainers to be alert and have a clear head for providing the best training as well as the trainees to accept what is being given to them. Providing them with a steady consistent schedule will condition them to the work environment and there won’t be any surprises when they start their jobs alone because they can expect to stick to the schedule. 

It’s also important to use your document management system to track them employees improvements. This is a method that will allow you to see what areas they may need extra help in before letting them go alone after training is over. 

Having an organized and structured training program will allow for the workload and day to go by smoothly. Your employees will be able to have a clear mind and take in information clearly with a mindset that is not cluttered.

Let’s Get Hands-On

Having hands-on training allows you to really engage with your employees and get them involved in learning whatever material being provided to them. When you train your employees with hands-on material rather than having everything on PowerPoints and paper, it helps them to get more comfortable in the position quicker. This approach also builds confidence in the employees as they will feel as if they are already doing the job and becoming better workers.

Hands-on experience is the absolute best training method and implementing it sooner rather than later will be better because your employees will be ready to get out there and get into the real action of performing the job. 

Let’s say for example you are training employees for a call center. It would be a great idea to then let your trainers take phone calls with the trainees and also let the trainees begin to take calls to get the feel of what to expect on the job. The biggest benefit of hands-on training is that it allows the trainees to get comfortable in their position and perform their job more effectively than someone without hands-on training.

Let The Colleagues Do The Training

It’s great to have someone who has been in your employees' shoes to train them. Having employees mentor and train other employees is effective because they are the ones that are actually doing the job every day and they know the ins and outs of everything. Experienced colleagues will know how the new hire is feeling and are able to really show them the ropes. 

Training will be better received when you know it is coming from someone that has been in your shoes and that allows you to know that if this person has learned and mastered the skills for the job then you can too. Your employees will learn effectively and be grateful that you had other employees to train them. 

It’s beneficial to have instructors that may not be doing the same job as the new hires, but it’s also a great idea to have one on ones and let your employees actually watch and engage with current employees that are currently on that particular position to help them thrive in the work environment and are trained correctly. 

Having one on ones with current employees will make training stick and will allow new employees to see how it will help when it's their time to shine on their own once training is over.

Test Your Employees

When nearing the end of a training session, it’s always a good idea to test your employees' knowledge. This will allow you to see what they have learned and whether they are actually processing the information that has been given to them. 

Continue letting employees access training sessions until they feel like they have mastered the skills and are comfortable performing. Letting them master the skills and testing them will ensure that when they are released to start working for real, that they will be performing at full capacity knowing what is expected of them to do an excellent job.

After testing your employees to confirm that they know what they are doing, they tend to excel in their position because they will be more comfortable they are doing their job correctly. It will become second nature to them. This would not be possible if you don’t test their knowledge and know that they are ready to be that great performer. 

If you don’t test your employees you won’t know if they have really learned anything from training and that will not be good for business. You want to give your employees the best so they can give your company or customers the best or both if that is the case.

Never Stop Training

It’s a great idea to keep your employees' minds and experience updated to ensure that they are performing to the best of their abilities. As your company continues to thrive and improve, you want to make sure that your employees grow as well. You can ensure this by having monthly training sessions on the latest updates or every other month whichever is sufficient for your company. 

Having ongoing training will keep your company advancing as well as keeping your employees at the top of their game when doing their job. This also allows you to see how extra training can improve the skills of your employees. As mentioned earlier, you want to have happy and fully equipped employees to ensure that your business or company is happy and thriving. 

Making sure your employees have everything they need will give you and them everything they need to be successful and you and your employees will be helping each other be great!         

Craig has worked in health, real estate, and HR businesses for most of his professional career. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in Marketing. When he isn’t writing or working at his many businesses, he’s spending time with his wife and three children.