June 15, 2021
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How to Streamline your Onboarding Process with Pathways
Hannah Son

First impressions really do matter so you better make sure your onboarding process is streamlined! Onboarding is a process that provides new employees with the tools they need to be successful in their position. A recent Gallup survey showed that 

only 32% of workers are engaged in their work. The majority (50.8%) of employees were "not engaged," while another 17.2% were "actively disengaged." 

This is a big concern for employers who know that one of the keys to improving employee engagement is making sure new hires get off to a strong start. 

Onboarding begins on day one and can make or break a new hire’s experience with a company. It sets the overall tone for a new hire and it profoundly affects their productivity levels and caliber of work produced. Having a good onboarding process allows your new hire to feel comfortable at work, meet their coworkers, pair up with a mentor, and get to know about the company in a pleasant way.

The best onboarding programs are well planned and streamlined to perfection. A good onboarding process is essential to preventing a high turnover rate because of a strong correlation between structured onboarding processes and employee retention. When new hires take part in a structured onboarding process, 66% of them are likely to remain with a company for longer than three years.  

Here are some things to consider when introducing better strategies for streamlining your onboarding process:

Using Technology 

Technological advances have made it easier than ever to improve the onboarding process. Skip the stack of boring papers and stick with digitized signatures! Automating the onboarding process means that there is less time spent filling out, filing and finding lost paperwork. Automation is an easy step that will create more time for training and learning opportunities.

With the right software, your onboarding process can be interactive and informative. It can be helpful in sharing some company policies and showing the employees what benefits your company offers. Automation can give a good impression to your new hires by showing them how your company is up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Career Milestones

From the first day of onboarding, employees have a sense of their career trajectory and are seeking transparency from their employers. By setting up a career pathway and related milestones, new hires can see exactly what growth opportunities they have available to them. This will, in turn, boost morale and productivity as well as lower turnover.

Employers need to consider planning for milestones to streamline their onboarding process because ultimately, it will reduce costs and increase loyalty. 

Employee Development Plans

We all know that finding the right people for your organization is no easy task and when you find them, you want to hold onto them. What you need to do is show them that you are invested in them by training them to become leaders. Using Employee development plans clearly show employees the skills and talents that they will develop as they stay with your company for the long term.

This also has great benefits for the company! Imagine being able to plan a pathway to leadership for your employees from the very first phase of your onboarding process. From the minute you come into contact with a candidate, you can determine where they will fit in the pipeline and how long it will take them to get into a leadership role at your company. 

Through programs like Pathways, new hires will immediately grasp what skills they need to hone, and what positions they can work up to. They will have access to all of the information to boost their own careers and be allowed to take control further increasing their motivation and sense of purpose because they feel valued as an employee. 

Succession Planning

Succession planning allows higher up and important positions within the company to be filled by people with experience working for the company. Employees that have familiarity with the company culture and procedure, and who you have built a trust with through training and interaction. Done right, it will keep the outside hiring mostly contained to lower-level entry jobs where they can start on their own career pathway into your company!

Prosky Pathways is a platform that demonstrates the intersection between recruiting and succession planning. Pathways allows companies to recruit internally without much hassle when there is a need for key position changes within a company, or when positions open up. This strategy of Succession planning allows for better company culture, higher morale, and lower hiring costs because employees see a future with your company and know what they are working towards. 

Immerse them into company culture immediately

According to BirdogHR

"75% of employees voluntarily quit their jobs because they don’t feel they fit the company culture, and a lot of this turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment."

Streamlining your onboarding process also means making sure your new hires fit into the company culture seamlessly. Share the ways in which your company interacts and let the new hire know about any social events or gatherings that help shape your company’s culture. The sooner they feel like a part of the company, the more likely they'll stay around.

Pathways allow for the most seamless transition. Through our platform, you can assign mentors and coworkers to assist with job and culture integration. Because your current employees already understand the company vision, culture, and hiring, getting them involved with new hire onboarding through pathways will be painless.

Pathways is a great way to assist with streamlining your onboarding process, all the while saving money and increasing morale. Creating a timeline of success will help smooth out onboarding and keep your employees happy by giving them the opportunity to grow and advance their own skill sets. Start using ProSky Pathways in your company today!