July 23, 2019
Performance Management 26 January 2018
HR Software to check out in 2018
Isabella A

In the ever increasingly growing and competitive workforce, companies are having to find creative solutions to help manage employee information and organize data. Gone are the days of traditional methods of training and filing cabinets stuffed with misplaced paperwork on employees. 

With all the new technology out there, it can be hard to find a good fit. Below is a list of up and coming HR software that will help your company run even more smoothly than before.

1. ProSky

First and foremost, we have to add our innovative software to the top of the list. With the Prosky app we offer; succession pathways, unbiased hiring, and hiring for competencies. 

By having a pathway feature you are able to not only get better hires but increase employee retention and effectiveness. Through pathways, you can let your employees know they can develop and advance in your company without having to offer undue raises or promotions and improve retention rates

In addition to being able to boost employee retention and gain better hires, you are able to organize your succession planning within your organization. Succession planning is a vital component to the success of a company. Through succession planning you can ensure that you are prepared for all unplanned incidents, lower your expenses, and see a boost in performance. 

We also offer additional features such as; company branding, evaluate real-time, Projects and challenges, communication, scheduling, and onboarding. With all of these features, we are essentially creating a foolproof and efficient way for you to get all the necessary work done. 

To request a demo, please visit us at www.prosky.co/demo

2. AccurateNow

Finding the perfect candidate is not always an easy feat. Picture this, you go through an entire hiring process only to find out that your candidate doesn’t qualify for licensing due to an incident that happened in their past. Running a background check with AccurateNow before the hiring process can save your company both time and money. 

 A background check can help:

  • Get a full picture of who you are hiring

  • Avoid liability

  • Keep a drug-free workplace

  • Verifies education and certifications

  • Keeps employees and customers safe

Of course, honesty is always the best policy and keeping an open mind can help your company reach deeper into the talent pool. AccurateNow has an easy to use ordering platform that doesn’t include any sign-up or monthly fees. It also comes with; preset background check packages, fast turnaround times, easy to read results, pre-adverse and adverse letter distribution, and it’s up to date with FCRA, state, and local regulations. 

To find out more, visit them at their website: http://accuratenow.com

3. Vervoe

In this day and age adding all sorts of diversity into the talent pool is a necessity to surviving in this competitive workforce. Gone are the days where the only way you’ll get your foot into the door is if you have a degree from an Ivy League school. Nowadays companies are looking for talent everywhere. 

Vervoe is a recruiting platform that allows teams to make hiring decisions based on merit and not just on a resume. According to their website, their belief is that “too much time is wasted meeting people who look good on paper, while some of the hidden gems get overlooked.”  This platform focuses on how well someone does in an interview, how well they can do the job, and how they can contribute to the culture. 

This user-friendly program is accessible to both employers and candidates. Employers are able to; set up the interviewing process, invite job seekers to apply, review responses, and decide on whether or not you want to meet them and how. Candidates are given the opportunity to start the interview process as soon as they apply. Vervoe also allows candidates to see where they stand during the hiring process, and give them an opportunity to show their value through tests, and samples. 

To request a demo or see how it works, visit them at their website https://www.vervoe.com

4. Gusto

Getting paid is probably one of the main if not most important parts of the job for most people. With that being so important, it’s ironic how often times payroll can be something that is so easily messed up. Not being paid properly or on time; or not receiving the proper benefits is a huge problem that can greatly hurt a company. 

 Gusto is a great and user-friendly service that provides payroll, benefits, and HR to companies. Through Gusto, you can easily add employees to payroll, run payroll quickly, and sync payroll with accounting, workers comp, benefits and HR. An added bonus is that on payday, employees receive a cheerful email alert along with a link to their paystub. Gusto automatically pays and files your payroll taxes. 

Along with making payroll easy, users have the option to track their benefits online. Through Gusto, you can create a package for your team, all in one place. As a user myself, I can attest to their user-friendly and efficient platform. My W2’s come on time, I can track my pay stubs easily, and the super awesome emails I get on payday really brighten my day!

To request a demo or more information, please visit their website at www.gusto.com

5. Asana

A few problems that I have encountered while working remotely (and admittedly anywhere), have been keeping organized, staying on task, and being able to work with my teammates remotely. With Asana I have been able to keep on track with what I need to do and communicate with my co-workers and leadership about projects. 

 Asana is an innovative HR service that allows you to manage team projects and tasks. With this interface, you are given all the tools you need to work with others whether they might be across the world or at the desk right next to yours. Asana essentially provides you with everything you will need to stay on task with your deadlines and goals. 

This user-friendly product allows you to see what others are working on, view everything you are working on in an easy to read way, share progress reports with others, tie in emails, files, etc into one place, and organize your tasks. By using Asana, employers also have the ability to track company goals and milestones so that everyone understands where they fit into the big picture. By employees having the ability to do so, retention rates will skyrocket. 

To learn more about Asana please visit their website at www.asana.com