June 15, 2021
Interviews 03 September 2017
Interview: Todd Raphael from ERE Media
Alexis Ang

We talked to ERE's Editor-in-Chief, Todd Raphael, to give us insight on what is involved in running one of the leading publications on the topics of Recruiting and HR.

Todd Raphael is a guy whose influence we see everywhere on social media and business media, talking about talent and employment - he runs events and publications at ERE Media and is in the know when it comes to what recruiters and recruiting leaders are doing - find him at www.ere.net

Name: Todd Raphael

Location: Los Angeles

Industry: Content publishing for HR, Recruiting, and Sourcing

Title/ Current Company: Editor-in-Chief at ERE 

Tell us a little about your company. 

ERE Media is the go-to information and conference source for human resources, talent acquisition, and recruiting professionals, built around three core brands and audiences to cater to their specific needs. ERE Media teaches companies to hire and manage people better. The three core brands under ERE include the following:

  • ERE.net - Recruiting
  • SourceCon - Sourcing and finding people 
  • TLNT - HR 

All of the ERE media brands have different websites, conferences, webinars, and training modules/courses all geared toward training recruiters, HR professionals and sourcers to be at the forefront of the industry. 

Give us a screenshot of what your average day entails. What are your key tasks?

I work on a little bit of everything! Usually, I have multiple phone calls each day with recruiting leaders as well as HR vendors. I also work with my coworkers on events and with the marketing teams to plan and push conferences as well as other colleagues to publish website content. Sometimes I even do external stuff like appear on a radio show or podcasts. We engage with audiences live during our 2 conferences each year.

How did you get into this line of work? What keeps you coming back to this job?

So before ERE Media, I used to work at a company called WorkForce building their website, email list, and products. I've never been a recruiter before, but I find the field very interesting and enjoy the people I'm around in the field.

What are the different career paths someone can take if they want to enter this field? (Publishing HR Content)
There’s a combination of people on our staff with different backgrounds. In this industry, it's important to have both content people who are experts in creating content, and HR practitioners who are experts in the field. 

Some people start out as HR practitioners who are interested in doing more speaking and publishing using technology (i.e. Medium, LinkedIn) that want to get into publishing. Some start out on another route as a journalist or content expert that are then interested in learning about HR/Recruiting. If you want to learn more about the HR industry, try going to local events and meeting people, reading about the field, blogging about it, and tweeting about it. But I'm not suggesting tweeting makes you an expert in HR or Recruiting!

What are the best and most challenging aspects of your job?

  • Best- It’s never boring and it’s never the same! I'm always trying new things with video and audio that I wasn't doing a decade ago. It's never static, and I get to always be thinking of what’s next.
  • Most challenging: It's a challenge to have a moment off.

How do you balance work and personal life?

I can’t say that I’m a poster boy for doing it successfully yet… I do get a certain amount of satisfaction from work relationships. Sometimes talking to someone at an odd hour of the night makes it more personally worthwhile and not feel like work.

Have you been in charge of hiring anyone on your team?

In groups, I've helped hire over the years.

What qualities or attributes do your best hires have in common? 

People who are very into customer service and self-reliant. When a customer has a question, the person feels a responsibility and cares enough about the person to answer vs. someone who thinks “it’s not my job, I don’t know and I won’t answer”. Having someone who has a real interest and doesn't just feel like it's an obligation.

Is there another field or industry you’d be interested in going into?

Not sure if there is another industry that I would be interested in, but there are different things I think would be fun for a while! I'd love to try being a hotel concierge for a weekend. You'd get to meet people from all over the world and help them.

Tell us something fun about yourself that not many people know.

Everywhere I go I get in conversations with people who I don’t know. Without trying, I end up talking to people, their kids, parents… I like meeting new people -- I overhear them say something and just naturally want to connect.

What’s the last thing you watched or did and why did you choose to watch it?

LA Dodgers game last night – They won in the 10th inning!