June 15, 2021
Company Culture 05 May 2017
Millennials: A Generation Motivated by Company Culture
Gisel Malek
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There are more than 79 million millennials in the United States and many of them are joining the workforce. Some companies already have 50 millennial employees and by the year 2025, this generation will make up almost 75 percent of the workforce

With younger employees flooding the market, business owners need to realize this generation has different perspectives and values than Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers. In order to maintain productive and engaged workers, managers need to understand and adjust to this new generation. 

After interviewing nearly 200 students, we found that millennials are most motivated by company culture. Over thirty-three percent will research the company before they apply for any given position, while seventeen percent will apply immediately. This demonstrates that they want to work for companies that will value them as individuals and also allow them to grow personally as well as professionally.  

Every company has a certain set of values, procedures and even a personality that makes it unique. All of these things collectively contribute to the company’s DNA. 

Whether it’s regular occurrences in routine, organizational power, contemporary wall decor, or a long-lasting history, every company has a story to tell. Millennials want to understand that story, feel a part of that organization and bring value to the team that they are on.

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