June 15, 2021
Training and Development 30 May 2019
Offer Letter Template
Dillon Chen

Offer letters are formal documents extending a job offer to a candidate. It’s useful for clarifying all the terms and conditions that go along with the job offer as well as details about what the position entails. Candidates usually have to formally accept the conditions in the offer letter in order to begin employment with the company. This document is an important record that allows both sides to clearly see the terms of employment. Below are some standard things you should include in a job offer letter and tips to increase the acceptance rate:

1. Letter Intro

Always start out with the date and the names of both candidate and company. Also, clearly state the name of the job position being offered right from the start to immediately clarify the purpose of the letter.  




COMPANY is pleased to offer you employment to the position of POSITION.


2. Job Information

Go into detail about the position and all that is required. This part should include information such as:

  • Tasks and responsibilities

  • Manager or Supervisor who they will be reporting to

  • Location

  • Salary

  • Work hours



3. Benefits

Information about the different benefits they will have if they accept the employment offer. This list can include medical coverage, dental/vision insurance, stock options, PTO, investment portfolios, etc. If your company offers extensive benefits, it may be good to add it separately as an attachment to the offer letter.


Note: This is one of the most important parts of the offer letter that will heavily affect your candidate’s decision to accept or decline your offer. In some cases, candidates are willing to take a lower salary in exchange for certain benefits that are important to them. 

Be sure to go into detail about the different benefits and emphasize what makes your company stand out from the rest of the competition or other company offers they may have received. If your company has a succession plan or career pathway, it’s also good to mention the long-term growth opportunities available in this section of the offer letter.


4. Conditions

All the requirements and conditions that are necessary for employment. For example, if your company requires background checks, drug testing, or a health examination before being hired, make it clear to the candidate. 

If there are certain standards and rules regarding their conduct in the company, be sure to mention it here. Include any “legal” conditions or policies should be included in this section or as a separate attachment.


5. Conclusion

Close with any final details the offer such as the deadline to return the signed letter + required documents by and candidate’s start date.