July 25, 2021
Training and Development 24 May 2018
Reasons to be excited about working with Generation Z!
Hannah Son
Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

The youngest generation graduating college otherwise referred to as Gen Z, are often viewed poorly by working professionals who believe them to be lazy, disconnected, tech-obsessed. However, many of this generation of students disagree with these perceptions, believing wholeheartedly that the disconnect lies in a deep misunderstanding. They consider themselves to be humanly connected, ambitious and loyal. 

As this generation enters the job market, companies need to learn how to connect with and recruit Gen Z candidates. Whatever your perceptions may be of the newbies about to enter the workforce, we have come up with a list of why you should look forward to working with Generation Z:

Efficient Multitaskers 

You can look forward to employing effective multitaskers. Gen Z is more proficient in multitasking than all previous generations. Studies prove that Gen Z will be even more able to handle multiple things at once than generations before.Whether it be watching television and surfing the internet at the same time or having 20 tabs open all at the same time, we have trained our brains to handle more things at once. They will expect to multitask while working, and if they aren’t challenged enough, they may get bored.  

Tolerance is Expected

Generation Z is an open-minded group that expects diversity on the baseline. They were not conditioned to be tolerant, they were brought up in an age where tolerance is the baseline. You don’t have to spend time or resources educating them on an issue that they have never known to be an issue when all you may be doing is educating them of a time they don’t really remember or is irrelevant. 

With diversity being such a hot topic and issue in today's work environment, having employees on your team that can put aside differences in order to work for the common good of the company is vital to a strong and healthy company culture. Hiring multi-cultural teams can draw from their respective backgrounds and experiences to come up with innovative new approaches to solve problems and reach goals.

Forward Thinkers

You can look forward to great ideas that will lead to success and growth! Generation Z is an entrepreneurial-minded generation that wants to own their own business someday.  31% of Generation Z believes they will be managing employees in a corporate environment within the next 5 years. Gen Z want to learn and soak up all the information they can. They want to succeed and they will add tremendous value being of the mindset that nothing comes easily. They have been considered to be more realistic than their predecessors (Gen Y). Working closely with them will benefit any company as their knowledge and curiosity will make for a determined employee. 

Gen Z's are definitely on a path towards success, but they require training and support before they are put into management roles. According to the author of Bridging the Soft Skills Gap,  Bruce Tulgan suggests that even though this generation will be able to fill the technology gap, they are not going to be able to fill the soft skills gap. No one is perfect and this eager and ambitious group needs to develop the following skills: 

  • Rigorous evaluation
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Maintaining a positive attitude

Value Relationships

74% of Generation Z prefer to communicate face-to-face with colleagues. Gen Z values face-to-face communication over text messaging or email. This seems odd! They may have grown up in a tech world, but more so than even millennials (Gen Y), Gen Z values context and connection because they thrive on genuine relationships. 

With all the information that’s available all the time, communication can easily be misunderstood. So, the best way to gain an understanding of what is being said or asked is to talk in person or via video chat. 

Appreciate Stability

When you think about the economic downfall of 2008, Generation Z saw first hand how their older brothers and sisters were affected by it. They saw people staying in school and collecting debt in the process to ride out the storm.  Since we haven’t fully recovered, they are also affected. However, because they don’t want to experience the same things, they are taking cautionary steps. 

Gen Z is being more active in learning skills that recruiters are looking for in candidates while still in school. Suffice it to say, they want to grow with a company and they value stability, so employee retention will come a little bit more naturally than it has in the past. 

In 2015, Adecco conducted a Way to Work survey which found that 

“Seventy percent of students would prefer a stable job without a high level of emotional investment or passion over a job with lots of passion but no job security,”

Gen Z cares about following their career passions, but make no mistake- job security is on the front lines.

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