August 20, 2019
Hiring 06 February 2017
Reduce Turnover with Real-Time Candidate Evaluation
Kelly Nguyen
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When hiring and evaluating candidates, it’s important to understand that turnover rates can be high and often costly for businesses. Businesses typically spend a lot of money on posting job advertisements, conducting interviews, training, and etc., so turnover can be seen as a big loss for the company. That’s why it’s important to be able to reduce the number of turnovers within a company. So how can employers prevent turnovers from happening in the first place?

The answer lies within candidate evaluation. It’s important for companies to find and 
hire employees that are well-matched for the organization, in order to reduce turnover. Employees that are better matched for specific positions are more likely to be happier with their job and less like likely to quit. Hence, it’s important to evaluate a candidate thoroughly before hiring them. 

Here’s how evaluating candidates in real time can reduce turnovers and a couple of ways companies can go about doing it (with some help from ProSky of course):

1. Create a thorough screening system to find the best candidates.
The best candidates are the ones that are happiest at their jobs. Unhappy employees lead to high turnover, so the question is: how do you find the best candidates to fill a job position in the first place? The solution: 
a thorough screening system

Paper resumes are a thing of the past. They’re no longer acceptable when it comes to finding the best and most qualified candidates because candidates shouldn’t be limited to a single piece of paper. That’s why digital profiles are a better choice as a candidate screen system. With a digital profile, employers can see a thorough and detailed candidate profile that will help them choose the best applicants for the job.  

2. Do a virtual and structured interview.
This one is a little self-explanatory. 
Virtual interviews are a great way to meet and keep in touch with a potential candidate. It’s also a great way to inform the candidate on what to expect when starting the job position and get to know about their concerns and worries. Candidates need to know everything about their potential new position in order to avoid potential surprises that could lead to high turnover rates. 

With a structured interview, recruiters can gauge an employee’s responses to potential scenarios they may face during their time within the position. This will also benefit the candidate by allowing them to see the potential day-to-day job routine. The more the candidate knows and understands about the position, the better the chance to see if they will fit in. Turnover rates will decrease by allowing a candidate to get a raw, in-depth description and overview of what to expect within the job.

3. Test the employee’s skills with a project.  
This goes hand-in-hand with structured interviews. Recruiters can help reduce the turnover rate by testing a potential candidate’s skills with a project or challenge. A project that is similar to the employee’s day-to-day assignments can give them a taste of what to expect. This can decrease turnover rates by allowing candidates to see if this will be the right fit for them.

Projects and challenges are easy with ProSky. ProSky allows recruiters to evaluate candidates individually (or within teams) with short projects and challenges. With our program, you can even track and evaluate a candidate’s progress. These challenges are made to ensure that a candidate will be the right choice for the position, and will help eliminate the chance of an unhappy employee and decrease high turnover rates.

4. Develop a behavioral, aptitude, or physical ability test (depending on the position).
To put it simply, the best way to determine how an employee will do in a job position is to, well – test them. Turnover rates happen when employees are unhappy with their work. Many former employees will also quit or leave their job because they weren’t able to complete the minimum requirements. To combat this, employers should have their potential candidates take tests to prepare them and gauge their qualifications. 

Testing can include tests like behavioral, aptitude, or physical ability tests – depending on the job position. These tests can help employers determine if potential candidates are qualified to work in that position. This can help decrease turnover rates drastically, just by eliminating unqualified candidates. 

Turnover rates can seriously hurt a company, which is why it’s important to reduce the risk of turnover as much as possible. ProSky has all the tools for evaluating candidates that your business needs, so why not sign up for our program today? We’ll help you recruit and hire the best candidates for your company.