February 28, 2021
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Stop Recruiting With Resumes!
Isabella A
Stop Recruiting With Resumes, resumes unreliable

It’s time to hire a new employee and you’re sifting through a stack of resumes that quite honestly all look the same. Sound familiar? Resumes are becoming a thing of the past. Look at it this way, if you were looking for your lifelong partner, would you buy a ring based on what you read on their Tinder profile and an awkward first date?  So why would hire someone based off a piece of paper and an interview? If you're ready to find your perfect match, stop recruiting with resumes! 

You'll need to see beyond their resume and the digital profile. You’re going to want to know them on a deeper level: what their values and ethics are, how they behave and react to different situations, and their personalities. Here are a few major issues we often see when employers continuously rely on resumes.


Sure, they graduated from an ivy league school with an excellent GPA, but it doesn't make them the best fit, yet. Here we enter a socio-economic problem. The majority of people that hail from such backgrounds generally come from a more privileged background. Yes, a well-educated background is not a bad a thing. However, by being biased in one’s choice of school limits the hiring manager's chance to explore a wider variety of candidates. Oftentimes this contributes to a lack of diversity within the office. It also limits your talentpool greatly. You're unable to see a much bigger picture and likely missing candidates with an equal or better skillset.

With digital profiles and other social networks, you are able to search for the type of candidate you are looking for with specific keywords. You can also see how this candidate carries themselves, what's their digital reputation?. Do they involve themselves in discussions? Are they connected with a good amount of people? Do they stay active on social media? Do they keep themselves appropriate?  Gather insight, get to know your candidate better. These are all things you can gather online which you couldn’t with a simple resume. 

“The First Date”

After the passable resume, the usual pattern is to have a formal interview. It is hard to judge a candidate's work ethic based on the usual prerequisite interview questions which they most likely have practiced answering. During an interview most people are generally on their best behavior, but how can you tell if that is how they act at all times? By involving candidates in a group project together you can accomplish many things. You can see how well they work together. Is there a leader and a rising star in the ranks? Or is there someone that will sit back and let others do the work while they play on their phone? By doing this you are able to see which candidates are going to be the best asset in your workforce. Another good thing that is demonstrated in these projects is one’s work skills. It’s easy to lie in an interview and say you can do this and that. But by placing challenges in front of them you can see for yourself if they can resolve such problems effectively and efficiently.

“Playing Well With Others”

Great you hired some that by all means is excellent on paper. Not only was their resume eye-catching and original they were charismatic and charming during their interview. 

The problem? It’s only their first day on the job and they don’t play well with the seasoned vets. Obviously, everyone will have their disagreements at some point in time. But how do you keep it from progressing? Finding a candidate that fits into the culture of the company is very important. No one wants drama in the workplace and unhappy employees. Integrating them during their initial tryouts with existing employees is a great way to see how to interact with them. Why not place a group of potential hires and veterans together to work on a project together. By doing so you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only do you get to see how well they play with each other you can also get a needed project done!

The hiring process may be tedious. But why make it repetitive and boring? You can improve your bottom line and make it interesting with all these tips. Many people will hire someone the “traditional way,” only to find out months down the road that they just aren’t a good fit. When incidents like this happen it exhausts time, money and resources on someone that just doesn’t cut it. By using a little more creativity and a platform like your ProSky in your hiring strategy you can only achieve successful results!

Isabella Ang is a content marketing specialist at ProSky, a company that gives you the ability to innovatively evaluate candidates and develop employees through succession pathways, so you can recruit, hire, and retain the best diverse talent & culture fit. When she's not working on her next or ongoing projects for ProSky; she spends her days rock climbing, practicing yoga, completing her degree in Computer Science, and tutoring writing skills.