December 12, 2019
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Text Messaging Top Recruits: 4 HR Tips for an Effective Strategy
Sophorn Chhay
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More than half of recruiters (60%) are using text messaging services to connect with potential hires to fill their positions with top talent. Top candidates should be cultivated in order to build a relationship that makes them buy-in to the company and get on board with your offer, so it makes sense to use texting. 

Pew reports over 90% of Americans now own a cell phone and Millennials are particularly immersed in the latest technology forms. But, as with any contact channel, the wrong kind of communication strategy (or lack thereof) could lead to irritating your candidate. Make sure you are taking the right approach. Here are 4 tips for making content more courteous, professional and effective.

Be Faster

The current expectations are changing with the new technology formats, and one of the biggest shifts includes an expectation of being able to contact anyone at nearly any time. Customers expect brands to respond in less than an hour, many employers expect employees to respond to emails outside of work hours and now new recruits will expect fast responses from those who value their talent. Texting is far faster in nature than email and less intrusive than a phone call. Among recruiters that used text messaging, 90% say it speeded up their process significantly.

Be Selective

Just because the text message open rate is an astounding 98% (compared to the 23% open rate of email), doesn’t mean you should get carried away with your messaging. It may be tempting to use your text marketing software to obnoxiously pummel your recruit with a lot of reckless messages, but you need to consciously craft interesting content. Stay concise and be human. Introduce yourself from the start, since your number will not be familiar to them. Use your contact email at the end to let them change channels if they want to. Be very careful to avoid sounding like spam or you will simply be written off as a waste of time.

Optimize Your Website

Mobile optimized sites are important for reaching recruits through mobile devices. It is important that your blog and website are optimized for mobile so that you can use them as tools in your recruiting process. When a candidate or potential hire asks a question, you can quickly offer relevant articles or white papers that you know are appropriate for mobile screens. This saves you time and is a professional way to provide insightful information to your various contacts.

Offer a Fast Application

Don’t make your contacts go through hell or high water to apply for the job. Have a form that is mobile optimized and asks as few questions as possible to get them in your system. Make the initial process easy to help them buy-in early so you can make the call on whether or not they are right for your company. Communicating with your recruit is a great first step and getting basic information is another one. The fewer hoops you have, the more likely your candidate will buy-in early and complete parts of the application process early, while a complicated process is more likely to turn off candidates or have them procrastinate until a more convenient time.

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Sophorn Chhay

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