June 15, 2021
Performance Management 08 November 2017
The ABCs of Having a Successful Video Interviewing Experience
Imo Udom

How much time does the average recruiter spend on phone screening in a normal week?

Not just the physical act of talking to the candidate on the phone, but having to find the perfect time that works for everyone, then you hope that they do end up answering the phone for their specific time or else you’re left repeating the entire process over again.

Recruiters are already pressed for time as it is and if they aim to work with companies that are bringing real innovation to their field, it's about time that we do the same in how we handle the recruiting process.

One way to streamline the process is by using video interviews!

In today’s day & age where most people have access to a webcam, video interviewing has provided recruiters an avenue to bypass time-consuming tasks like spending 30 minutes interviewing one candidate when you could have assessed five candidates in the same time frame.

With these positives in mind, how exactly do you make the most of video interviews and ensure that your candidates are interacting with the interface correctly?

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure recruiters (and their candidates!) have a positive video interviewing experience:

Ensure that you’re doing your part  

Before you start examining any candidate videos, you need to make sure that your own videos are up to snuff and that you are doing everything to ensure a positive interviewing experience.

Follow the tips below and you’ll be well on your way to building a great video interview:

1) Try to include multiple choice “knock-out” type questions asking things like if they are willing to relocate, the date they are able to start working, etc. These questions help to narrow down the candidate pool and filters candidates based on responses.

Aside from those types of questions, try to sprinkle in some icebreaker type questions and questions relating to the specific role, in order to get a well-rounded view of each candidate.

2) When recording your video, ensure that you are in a quiet, professional looking area and that you are presenting yourself as nicely as possible. Don’t forget that even in a prerecorded video, candidates are still judging your organization and can be completely put off if it was poorly made and showing lack of effort.

It is also important to have adequate lighting with your light source behind your recording device. If there is too much light coming from behind you, people will only see your silhouette.

3) Always have your interview stay within a 5-10 question range and is at max only 30 minutes long so that candidates don’t get burnt out halfway through the interviewing process.

4) Next, make a 1-2 minute promo video to introduce yourself and your company. This is your brand's first impression on the candidate so make sure to start off strong.

5) Along with that, consider creating transition videos which are used to talk about the company culture, fun team activities, outings, etc. Transition videos give the candidate valuable insight into both the role and the company while helping to ease their anxiety and encouraging them to finish the interview. 

There are no steadfast rules when creating transition videos so feel free to flex your creative muscles to show off your brand!

Lastly, make sure to incorporate a deadline for each interview as this will create a sense of urgency from the candidate perspective and helps to increase your overall completion ratio.

Give your Candidate Tips to be Successful 

Although video interviews are on the rise, there are still people who may not be familiar with the interface and need some assistance.

In order to properly prepare candidates, make sure to inform them that they were selected for a video interview and that they should expect one through email in the coming days. Then take a little bit of time to explain how video interviewing not only benefits the organization, but also the individual candidate.

Some of these benefits that you should include are:

  • Having the flexibility to complete your interview at any time and anywhere.
  • Candidates are able to tell us their own unique story through video.
  • Decisions are made much quicker as multiple recruiters and hiring managers can watch your video. So candidates no longer have to wait weeks just for a response.

You should also let the candidate know that although they may be conducting the interview in the comfort of their bedroom, they should still treat it as an actual job interview.

This means wearing proper attire and making sure that they are speaking clearly and coherently while preparing in the same way they would prepare for a normal job interview.

What to do if a candidate doesn’t complete a video interview?

You will inevitably come across a candidate that hasn’t completed their interview, which could be for a multitude of reasons like missing the initial email invitation, being too scared or even having an undisclosed disability that prevents them from being able to complete it.If the candidate does have a legitimate reason for missing the interview or is a “must-have” candidate, then you can always offer an alternate screening method like a phone screening or in-person interview.

Although it is okay for some people to use an alternate method, the majority of candidates should be completing their video interviews on-time and inability to do so reflects a careless attitude that should negatively affect their odds of getting the position.


Video interviewing is here to stay and any recruiter worth their grain in salt should learn how to make the most of the interface.

And for good reason, video interviews make the process much more convenient and saves a boatload of time for both employers and candidates.

Follow the tips and tricks above and you’ll be rocking your video interviews in no time!

Imo Udom is the Co-founder and CEO of Wepow. Wepow connects recruiters, job candidates, and employers through easy-to-use mobile and video interviewing solutions. Hundreds of organizations including Adidas, Lenovo, and Box rely on Wepow’s video and communications platform to improve recruiter productivity, deliver engaging candidate experiences, and make the right hires. As a result, organizations regain time, reduce costs and recruit effectively. Visit www.wepow.com to learn more