June 15, 2021
Hiring 23 September 2016
Top 3 Benefits of Evaluating your Candidates Before Hiring
Hannah Son
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Why should you test-drive candidates? Well, you wouldn’t spend money tailoring a new suit before trying it on, right? Same idea here - resumes can easily be tweaked and the truth can clearly be rewritten. In today's world, things are not always as they seem!

That “fluent in Korean” on a resume could actually mean they just listen to way too much k-pop. Being the top salesman at their last company could be because they were the only sales at the company. 

So how do you make sure a potential candidate has the skills they say they do? You do an evaluation of them by testing them on the hard and soft skills that they will need on the job. Doing this allows you to see which candidates have the potential to stay and grow within your company

Whether this test is a simulated project or asking a marketing candidate to explain the key components of their unique marketing plan, evaluating candidates allows recruiters to differentiate between candidates who have the necessary skills and those who simply do not. 

Still curious as to how evaluating prospective hires makes your recruiting process more seamless and profitable in the long run? Here are the top 3 benefits of this "trying before hiring" method.

1. Saves Time and Money 

Employing the wrong candidates is a costly and time-consuming mistake that many companies cannot afford to make. Even if a new hire seems perfect on paper or even in their first week at work, there are lots of things that can go unexpectedly wrong as time goes by. Imagine going through the entire hiring process and onboarding the candidate, only to find out that they can't do what is required for the job. You're either stuck with a dud employee, or they end up leaving or getting fired soon after they are hired.Evaluating candidates and trying them out before hiring allows you to save precious time, increases productivity and lowers the costs associated with the recruiting and hiring process. Because you have evaluated your candidate before hiring them, you will have higher retention and lower turnover rates. With this process, bad hires will be a thing of the past. According to the Huffington Post, by employing only the candidates that have proven themselves to you, 

“You won’t have to spend time and money recruiting, hiring, and training new people every few months if you make sure your new hires are skilled and fit within your company culture the first time around.” 

After all, surveys have found a single bad hire can set companies back by as much as $50,000. Save yourself the pain and trouble and make sure they have the skills to do the job!

2.  Preserve Good Company Culture

Even if a candidate told the absolute truth on their resume about all their skills and qualifications, there is no telling whether or not they will be a good fit for your company. Every company has a culture and every culture is unique. If the person isn’t a good fit for your company culture, chances are high that they won’t stick around for long. 

One bad seed can really have an impact on your company’s culture. Chances are you have worked hard to create a productive culture and don't want to risk damaging it. Contrasting work habits and clashing personality types are just a few of the ways that things can go sour for new employees. By evaluating candidates before hiring them, you can test to see:

  • Whether or not your new candidate is the right cultural fit.
  • How they work within the existing team.
  • If they can handle the workload. 
  • Whether they share values and beliefs that are similar to your company’s.

3.  Find Talent with the Right Skills

Even after a great interview, a flawless resume, solid references and a background check, you can still get stuck with a worker that just isn’t cut out for the job. By evaluating your candidates beforehand, you are essentially test-driving them as full-time hires. Trying before hiring ensures that you can evaluate a worker’s skills before committing to them. 

During this evaluation, you get to see how they fit into the company culture, how they interact with others, and how they perform on tasks. No more hoping that a candidate will live up to their big talk, this way, you can be sure that your talent has what it takes for the job. 


Although hiring costs a lot, having an empty position or keeping a bad employee can be even worse for the company. Try using ProSky to test-drive candidates using our performance-based hiring projects and manage the way your employees progress in your company through our Pathways feature.

By streamlining the hiring process and evaluating before hiring, you will be able to lower hiring costs and avoid risking your company culture. You also ensure that you hire someone with the right skills and ability to do accomplish the job. Doing it right the first time will keep you from having to start all over again! 

Hiring is changing and you can get ahead of the game by starting to evaluate those you want to employ. Trying before hiring is a smart way to find the right talent with the skills and ability to fit into your organization and stick with your company for years to come. The performance-based hiring revolution is here, and it might be time for you to jump aboard.Learn more about how you can use performance-based hiring to bring in the right candidates for your company! Schedule a demo and speak with one of our specialists to see how the ProSky platform can help improve your hiring strategy.