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Top 5 Tech Skills to Look for in Candidates
Gisel Malek
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Looking for tech skills in your new recruits? But not exactly sure what to look for? Look no further, because below is a list of the top 5 skills you should be requiring of your tech recruits in 2017

1. Programming/application development

Developers and programmers continue to be leading players in the IT world, with hiring managers citing programming and application development as the top skills they will be seeking in the upcoming year. 

2. Help desk/technical support

Help desk staff remains in high demand because technology is so pervasive, says Rafi Khan, the former CIO at Riverside Community Care and now a senior consultant at Open Minds, a health and human services management consultancy.

That's also why it's critical to find the right people for these jobs. Even though support technician is sometimes seen as an entry-level position, Khan says companies often require candidates to have broad knowledge about different hardware and software systems so they can handle requests from all over the organization.

3. Security/compliance/governance

As manager of information management systems at the Central Pension Fund, Gregory Drauch oversees nine people who support 70 employees at the Washington, D.C., nonprofit organization. He says he's now assessing what skills he needs for the upcoming year but already expects to add security competencies to the mix.

4. Cloud/Saas

There's no single skill associated with cloud computing or SaaS; rather, companies are looking for a range of experiences and skills in candidates for cloud-related positions, says Sean Dowling, a partner at talent acquisition firm WinterWyman and manager of recruiting strategy in the firm's technology contract staffing division.

"Cloud architects, software engineers with cloud or AWS [Amazon Web Services] experience, DevOps engineers -- you see [ads for those people] all day long," he says, noting that help-wanted posts for system administrators and network engineers who have cloud experience are also plentiful.

5. Business intelligence/analytics

As manager of data analytics for North Carolina health care system Mission Health, Arun Murugesan has seen his team grow from two people to 35 in just a few years. He expects to hire 15 to 20 people in the next couple of years as his organization seeks to gain greater insights from the data it collects.

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