July 23, 2019
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Using Social Media to Deliver Excellent Customer Service
Susannah Bruck
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Social media can empower enterprises to take their customer service to a new plateau. Consequently, all business should have a strategy for providing customer service via social media. The channel is a cost-effective, convenient resource for supporting a two-way exchange between businesses and consumers. 

Many influential companies are using social media to increase your company’s brand awareness, bring in new customers, and retain existing customers. In the current marketplace, social media is quickly becoming a standard resource for delivering fast and effective customer service. 

Any brand that maintains a social media profile, as all enterprises should, must leverage social media as a resource for delivering excellent customer service.

Social Media Delivers Immediate Value

Excellent customer service is requisite for building long-term, prosperous relationship with consumers. The way that enterprises respond to queries and concerns often determine whether a consumer will continue to patronize that brand. 

Most consumers already use social media, so it makes sense to leverage the resource to connect with consumers. However, enterprises must understand which social platform their consumers use. Social media is only effective for customer service if a brand is on a platform accessed by the majority of their ideal consumers.

UPS: Making the Most of Social Media

The UPS Customer Communications team focuses on content and management as well as communications and reputation management. The team works closely with the social customer service team, which receives direction from the Social/ Digital team.

Social customer service representatives provide fast responses to customer inquiries, mostly via Facebook and Twitter. UPS also uses the social media to gauge how consumers feel about their brand. This strategy is an exemplary illustration of effective collaboration between business units.

Southwest Airlines: Riding Social Media to the Top of Pile

The phenomenal social media strategy of Southwest Airlines has earned the transportation enterprise a spot on Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Most Admired Companies list. The company operates a dedicated team for each social media platform on which they maintain a presence. 

Southwest places an emphasis on personalization. Using social media, the airline delivers fast, sincere and ongoing customer engagement. Recently, the firm established the Listening Center, which resolves customer issues, shares brand messages and serves as a central touch point for consumers - all via social media.

Today, social media is more than an advertising channel. Modern consumers expect a response when they post questions or concerns on a brand’s social media page. This makes social media the latest tool that enterprises can leverage to build strong and sincere relationships with their consumers.

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