July 25, 2021
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What's the Deal with Job Boards?
Britta Howlett
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There are many sources employers can use to find the best talent. One popular method is to post on job boards. Companies can post their open positions and accept applicants right away. 

There has been a debate in the last few years regarding the rise of social media and the effectiveness of job boards. But using job boards has still proven to be effective in one way or the other, so what is the deal with job boards?

What Kind of Job Boards Are out There?

Job boards like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Glassdoor are all great places to start promoting a job opening. They have free options and they have paid options. Even if you have a tight budget you are still able to get your job posting out there. However, sponsored posts increase the reach of your job listing which leads to more applicants.  Having a larger pool of potential employees increases the likelihood of finding a good fit for your company.  This benefit likely outweighs the additional cost of paying to promote your job listing, especially for more senior or long-term positions.  

These sites are also helpful if you are looking for entry-level employees, and these kinds of positions can often be filled without spending additional money to promote your listings.

Specialty Boards:

Job boards, however, are not a one size fits all. Everyone has different talents and some talents may be more specific than others. It might be smart to look into specialty boards to find the best fit for your company. Specialty boards are useful because you will find candidates who have the interests, skill sets, and experiences you are looking for. 

Using specialty job boards was ideal for me when I was working as a recruiter for a company that employs English language teachers. I had posted job openings on the typical job boards like Glassdoor, Indeed and Zip Recruiter but I wasn't getting the results I had hoped for. It wasn't until I started to look up different job boards like ESL Jobs Lounge or ESL Jobs World that I was able to find qualified applicants for my company. If you are trying to find candidates who are interested in joining your startup, you could post on AngelList. Or if you are wanting an intern, a great place to find candidates is interships.com. You can find a job board that will help you find the right candidate for just about any niche position. One way to look for these boards is to simply google the type of specialty board you are searching for.  

You could also check the list Proven has created to see if any of those boards are a good fit for a position you need to fill.  If you are still struggling to find the right job board you can try searching for a position similar to the one you need to fill. 

Seeing where other companies have posted that type of listing may also lead you to other potential boards that may be a good fit.

Are Job Boards Worth Your Time?

Yes, job boards remain a critical recruitment marketing channel. According to a study at Undercoverrecruiter.com, 74 % of workers are actively searching for or are open to new opportunities and two-thirds of those workers use job boards to search. 

We recently conducted a survey that also found that approximately 2 in 3 (66%) of potential candidates use job boards as a source when looking for a new job.  That was a higher rate than those using social media (46%), job fairs (37%), or career advisors (37%) to search for jobs.  There is still a great deal of potential for recruiting through job boards.

How to Effectively Post on Job Boards:

1. Decide which job boards you want to post on.

2. Research the best times of the day and the best days of the week to post the job

3. Write a great job description.

  • Use relevant keywords in the title of your listing.
  • Cover all important points and requirements, but keep it brief.
  • Give specific directions on how to apply for the job.

4. Target your ads to a specific audience. 

Is Social Media More Effective Than Job Boards?

There is not a clear answer to this question. It depends on a number of factors including the type of position you need to fill. In 2016 Social Talent conducted a Global Recruiting Survey which found that 37% of recruiting professionals said that social media was their primary tool for attracting candidates.  It follows then that it must be effective for some companies.Our own ProSky survey found that approximately 46% of job candidates use social media to look for jobs while 66% use job boards suggesting that there is a larger potential audience for job board listings.  

Both social media and job boards have their benefits as recruitment tools and you can likely use both to help fill positions. Despite the rise in popularity of recruitment through social media, job boards remain an essential and prominent recruitment tool.

Key Take Away Points:

  • Looking into specialty job boards can help you find candidates with the right skills and experience.
  • Even though times are changing, job boards are important when it comes to recruiting. 
  • Employers should have a mix of job postings, social media advertising and online posts.

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