July 23, 2019
Hiring 26 April 2018
What You Need to Know to Evaluate Sales Rep Hires
Evelyn Poindexter
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In both small and big companies, the quality of the employment process is strongly connected with company success. This is one characteristic that makes the difference between a great and an average-good company. 

The sales rep recruiting process is essential for a strong future sales and marketing team. The two important aspects of this process are closely linked. On one hand, you have the candidate skills to fulfill the given role and on the other, the experience and ability of the recruiter. 

Grasping those specific successful sale rep skills is no easy job and a list of the past and latest achievements are not good enough for a relevant assessment. Reading between the lines of an impressive curriculum vitae lies in the intuitive ability and talent of the recruiter. A successful experience comes with practice, and foreseeing the candidates' motivation and dedication is what differentiates good recruiters from excellent ones. 

With so much online information, the five following hiring tips will come in handy to synthesize others' experiences and provide a foundation for improving recruitment skills to make your sales rep hire evaluation task easier.

#1 The Perfect Candidate Profile 

The first logical step in a recruitment process is drawing a profile of the candidate you are looking for according to the job description. This allows you to start looking for people knowing what the required professional skills are, and what personal characteristics fit the role description. 

When it comes to sales representatives, this might be a difficult task. Setting a competence profile or a list of the must-have skills comes in handy. Start putting together at least ten essential behavioral skills and/or technical skills on a short list such as: 

  • Prospecting and presenting skills 
  • Closing skills 
  • Listening and relationship skills 
  • Time management skills 
  • Capacity to move forward and withstand rejection
  • Previous relevant experience
  • Knowledge of the industry for which they are being recruited

Your list will differ depending on your specific industry and company needs. Study and experiment around with what makes for a successful sales rep.

#2 A Good Role Description 

Along with a definite candidate profile, a good role description is a next step in setting up a proper sales rep hiring process. A nice job presentation might be challenging, as employers often focus on detailing the job's responsibilities rather than the potential opportunities that came along with the specific role fulfillment. 

Focusing on the advantages as well as on the job requirements can make a difference on how the candidate perceives both the job interview and the recruiter interaction, favoring greater openness and a more relaxed interplay. 

Before starting the hiring process, building up an ideal profile of the perfect candidate as well as a detailed role description are equally helpful to stay fully aligned with the employer demands while making sure you as well understand the position's requirements. 

#3 Know Your Candidates Better

In your search for the perfect sales rep, you will come across many resumes that might look extremely suited for the job. However, there might be aspects that can be easily overlooked. Get to know your candidates through phone or video interviews, or through face-to-face interaction.

When it comes to sales representatives, a deeper knowledge of what really motivates a person to succeed is the best way of choosing the right one. Knowing their ambitions and work ethic besides past achievements is equally important. Do not overlook the importance of references that are often a good source to find out things that are not included on the resume. If you have the option, dig for some informal sources of information as well. 

This is the moment when the science and the art of recruitment meet each other. The science of identifying the right job required skills so you can find the right candidates and the ability to measure the applicant's results can be learned and trained with time. The talent of getting beyond the science and see whether he or she is the best option for the position is art. 

#4 Symbiosis with the Company Culture 

In sales, a first good impression still counts. So hiring someone that identifies themselves with the company profile is crucial for a successful closing. There are many types of sales rep personalities. Find one based on what type of product you are selling and, most important, depending on what sort of image the company wants to project on the market. 

The symbiosis between the sales strategy that reflects the company's culture and the selling action is crucial as well as hiring someone that shares the same values and principles. If the strategy is projecting a friendly and delicate approach to the targeted market, an intimidating and aggressive sales rep is not what you need. At the same time, hiring someone that has the potential to develop a strong membership sense is as important as a good knowledge of the products. 

#5 Keep the Good Candidates Close

Do not settle for the second best choice if you have trouble finding the best candidate fit. Settling for mediocre applicants will have a negative impact on your process and the delivered results. Search further for people who fulfill all the current job requirements, otherwise, you will find yourself going through the hiring process all over again.

Also, you may come across skilled and successful applicants that simply are not a good fit for the current hiring position. Keep these ones close and get in touch with them once in a while for a potential subsequent recruitment.  

Last but not least, show all of the final selected applicants the proper respect by thanking them for their time and letting them know if you have extended the offer to another candidate. You might find yourself in the situation of meeting them again in the future, so don't burn any bridges. 

Finding the perfect candidate and gauging talent can be proven to be a very difficult task. The challenge is grasping the candidate's full potential, reading between the lines of his past career, seizing his inner motivation and hunger for achievement. Even though it might seem to be a matter of experience, having a prepared recruitment psychology along with a strong mindset and a process that includes the five above mentioned steps is a sure way to successfully hire an excellent sales rep.

Evelyn Poindexter 39-year-old sales accountant from Yorkshire. Though not a professional writer, she enjoys it as a hobby and likes to put together articles from time to time. Connect with Kaya on Twitter.