February 28, 2021
Hiring 20 April 2017
Why Recruiters Need to Focus on Quality Over Quantity
Hannah Son
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In today's hiring world, recruiters are facing an industry that is deeply dysfunctional. One of the main issues that this industry faces is the ineffective way recruiters access talent. Although job boards and aggregators oftentimes act as an effective means for hiring, they have become a crutch for many recruiters. 

This trend translates into a large number of recruiters using job boards and aggregators as their sole means of hiring. In turn, these places are filled with advertisements and repeated postings by the same companies and agencies eventually adding to the dysfunctionality of the recruitment industry. 

Greg Savage calls it the ‘Cataclysmic Candidate Catastrophe’ and claims that it’s so woven into agency recruiter DNAs that they don’t even realize what a disaster it is for the industry. In the end, this ‘Cataclysmic Candidate Catastrophe' leads to recruiters, candidates and the end client being unhappy. Recruiters are flooded with an abundance of irrelevant resumes that "clogs up their working day" causing stress and low productivity levels. Candidates are disheartened and steered away from the job board avenue, and the Employer damages their brand name. 

Savage explains in his video that ultimately, the big dysfunction is that people are wasting more and more money and time on recruiting not only candidates that are already in their database but also candidates that are irrelevant. According to Savage, "Our industry is dysfunctional in many ways and what its gonna take is for recruiters and owners of recruiting companies to get creative and disruptive...We really need to crack and break the process that we are so deeply in love with" 

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Greg is the founder of leading recruitment companies Firebrand Talent Search, People2People and Recruitment Solutions, and a current shareholder and director of several others, including Consult Recruitment. He is a regular keynote speaker worldwide and provides specialized advice for Recruitment, Professional Services & Social Media companies