May 13, 2021
Company Culture 18 May 2017
Your Company's Transparency Checklist
Gisel Malek
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You are excited to onboard new members to join your thriving team and have been tasked with sourcing candidates that are driven and qualified. Now comes the hard part - where do you find them? Or an even better question, how can they find you!?  

In today’s fast-paced, social-media-driven world, it is incredibly important for a company to be transparent to attract top talent. Start by building your company's transparency checklist to see where you're doing good and where you can improve. 

Below are some of the ways transparency is defined within the on-boarding and employee retention process:

Transparency via website

If visitors don’t see it on your website, they won’t know it exists. As websites have become the initial face of any organization, making that very important “first impression” lies heavily in the execution of making your site transparent. 

Answering these questions may help:

  • What is the culture of your organization? All work and no play? What do you do for fun?

  • How do you recognize your employees?

  • Do you provide video testimonials for a deeper understanding of what it’s like to work there?

  • Is your website easy to navigate through, or is it unintuitive and confusing? 

Transparency with your recruits  

You have your recruit in the office waiting to tell you how they will add to your organization. What is in your power to help aid the productivity of this meeting? Just like when a son-in-law to be is meeting his fiance’s family for the first time, you can help your recruit understand the family they are “marrying into”. 

The following questions can help guide you when interviewing a candidate:

  • Do you engage in video interviewing?

  • Do your recruits know what kind of work they will be doing?

  • Do your recruits have the confidence knowing that you understand what they are fully capable of?

  • Are you open to what your values are and/or what the mission is?

  • Do you explain the growth opportunities? Your recruits want to know what to expect in the long-term.

Transparency with your employees 

The number one reason people stay with their employer is because of the employees they work with. When employees are happy they are more likely to refer their friends and acquaintances for future positions. Your employees are your greatest asset, and there is now more and more competition between companies to keep employees happy.

These questions will help you keep your work family around:

  • Are you open with any financial updates your company is undergoing?

  • Are you keeping their best interest in mind and providing growth opportunities?

  • Are you validating their hard work and providing an incentive to stick around?

  • Are you implementing a “work hard, play hard” environment to encourage employees to make friends and stay social after hours?

Transparency via social media

As a company, you should be aware that the content that you put out is being looked at by millennials. The number of social media referrals through websites continue to skyrocket and it’s because social media is the new way to be transparent. 

  • Is your business represented clearly - whether it’s to provide knowledge on upcoming sales or to educate viewers on something entirely new?

  • Is your web presence consistent on all platforms with your logos, photos, font, etc?

  • Do you actively engage in conversations with related topics and encourage feedback?

  • Do you recognize your clients by thanking them publicly and engage in philanthropic activities? This illustrates something that is very important to millennials - that you care about others. This will translate into them believing that you care about them

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