July 6, 2020
Company Culture 22 June 2020
How to Succeed: 8 Tips to Be an Ethical Leader
Lidia Staron
With today’s challenges in finding and retaining highly skilled employees, business leaders, from CEOs to HR and recruitment managers, need to find ways to improve how they can contribute to establishing productive and positive environment for their staff. One way to do that is by practicing ethical leadership.
Company Culture 17 June 2020
How to Use Employee Feedback to Improve Your Company's Work Environment
Livia Cretan
We spend A LOT of time at work, therefore working in a place which provides great experience is something we all dream of. Nowadays, people are interested not only in big salaries, medical insurances, job titles, or team building, but also in the environment the company provides. Many companies today pay attention to the work environment they provide for their employees.
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Company Culture 09 April 2020
How Multiple Generations can Work Together in Harmony
Gisel Malek
Gen X, Gen Y, and now iGen will all be working together. With such differences in personality, life experiences and expectations, can they work together in harmony?
Company Culture 31 March 2020
How to Communicate Effectively with Your Team
Rachel Summers
As a manager, you're needed to keep your team on task and able to work to deadlines. A huge part of this is communicating well with them. Improving communication in the workplace can bring many benefits to your organization such as increased productivity and loyalty.
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Company Culture 20 February 2020
5 Benefits of Hiring People from Diverse Backgrounds
Gisel Malek
Keeping an open mind about what background candidates have not only makes you more of a diverse company, but you could be hiring a lot smarter, too!
Company Culture 11 February 2020
Top 4 Ways to Help Your New Hires Feel More Welcomed
Dillon Chen
You’re excited - you’ve finally hired someone after several weeks of interviews and tedious paperwork! In the beginning, everything seemed to go well, they showed enthusiasm and potential. However, after some time goes by you start to notice that productivity levels are decreasing and that they don’t really have too many friends in the new office.
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Company Culture 27 January 2020
5 Effective Solutions for Employee Burnout
Julie Huang
Yes, burnout is real. It can formally be described as a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion that is caused by excessive and prolonged stress.
Company Culture 24 January 2020
How to Improve Employee Commitment: Be a Career Architect
Neetuabala Raina
While you expect your employees to stay committed, are you doing enough to build your credibility as well? Are you proactively analyzing roles and promotions you can give to your employees so they can grow? Can you proudly say that you are helping to build careers, or have you found that your employees are disengaged and uncommitted?
Company Culture 15 January 2020
4 Tips to Drive Employee Productivity with Balance and Planning
Britta Howlett
Employee productivity is vital in keeping your company alive and thriving. When everything is going well, you probably don’t think too much about it. However, when there is little to no productivity things come to a halt.
Company Culture 08 January 2020
Transform Your Company Culture to Boost Employee Engagement
Guest Poster
Every successful company understands the importance of developing and keeping their employees engaged and focused on a common goal. Engaged employees put everything they’ve got into their job and are willing to offer more than is required.
Company Culture 02 January 2020
5 Ways to Invest in Your Employees Now
Guest Poster
It’s no secret that most people are not completely happy with their jobs. In fact, as much as 87% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged, which is a terrible figure if you think about it. Disengaged employees who don’t like their job cannot demonstrate high productivity, which makes companies lose money every year.
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Company Culture 04 December 2019
How Companies Can Help Keep Their Employees Fit and Healthy
Guest Poster
Ideally, a company employs and maintains healthy, high-performing staff in their workplace, but that is not always the case. For example, in the US, around half of the workers either need exercise or suffer from high cholesterol. Also, at least one in every four of them have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or are obese.
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Company Culture 20 November 2019
5 Ways to Showcase Your Company’s Culture on Career Sites
Guest Poster
There is a reason why organizations have found that they need to focus on showcasing their company’s culture. In the job seekers’ market we now live in, companies are struggling to reach their ideal candidates—there’s so much competition out there.
Company Culture 30 October 2019
Straightforward Ways to Make Your Company More Sustainable
Guest Poster
Creating sustainability in business operations is not only eco-friendly, but can generate sales and save on energy costs. Today’s average consumer is well-educated about the environmental effects of human activity and is ready to contribute to change, even if that means paying a bit more money to sustainable businesses.
Company Culture 02 October 2019
Why Flexible Working Is the New Normal
Guest Poster
The evolution of the definition of flexible working has dramatically changed in the past five years. Not only what it means, but also who has access to it. Traditionally, flexible working arrangements were given as a benefit to ''high talented'' employees or for specific roles. However, with the rapid pace of digital transformation, flexible working is becoming the new normal.
Company Culture 11 September 2019
The Benefits of an Employee Well-Being Program
Guest Poster
Well-being programs are popular today like never before. How did they start? Big corporations started well-being programs as part of employee perks. Back then, they were called corporate fitness programs. The majority of medium and small-sized businesses have adopted well-being programs today.
Company Culture 05 August 2019
How to Encourage Your Employees: 10 Strategies for Managers
Joan Elmore
Discouragement drains energy, drags on morale, decreases accuracy and sabotages results. Discouragement is your enemy, and you want to help your employees to avoid it. From now on, you’re going to make it your mission to be encouraging for each person there. You’re going to give support, hope, positivity, and confidence, and when I asked around for ideas about how you can do this, I was given so many great ones!
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Company Culture 17 July 2019
How to Harness the Power of Ideas
Ankita Poddar
Organizations know the best ideas come from employees across levels and organizational hierarchies. The story behind the creation of scotch tape and post-it notes have been passed down from one generation to another as compelling reasons to invest in surfacing and building ideas. Ideas may result from curiosity or sheer laziness, either way they are immensely useful.
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Company Culture 03 July 2019
Top Benefits of a Great Internship Program
Hannah Son
Internship programs offer more than a coffee runner or a copy maker. This year, more companies than ever before, will enjoy the benefits of an internship program.
Company Culture 19 June 2019
A Simple Guide to Using Employee Pulse Surveys
Guest Poster
The last five years have seen the employee pulse survey phenomenon gaining healthy traction. More and more organizations are looking at employee pulse survey as one of the effective online survey tools to get a quick insight into the health of the company. So, what is making organizations drawn towards employee pulse surveys?
Company Culture 17 June 2019
Organizational Climate
Dillon Chen
We often hear about how important your company’s culture is and how it influences your employees’ ability to work and be productive. However, sometimes when we say “culture”, what we are actually referring to is the climate of the organization.
Company Culture 17 June 2019
HRIS: Structuring HR to Maximize Human Capital
Dillon Chen
Members of the HR team play a key role in handling labor relations and human capital. The way your HR team is structured will have a big impact on productivity and efficiency in the workplace.
Company Culture 05 June 2019
6 Remote Workers Share Their Best Productivity Tips
Mary Walton
You may have heard the phrase tossed around in casual conversation, “I’m working remotely now!” With the ability to stay connected to the whole wide world regardless of where one is, working remotely has been on the rise recently. And why wouldn’t it be? With the option to work at any hour of the day, in any condition and multitasking, a more significant portion of the people would be gradually seen siding with this new, convenient style of earning.
Photo by i love simple beyond from Pexels
Company Culture 05 June 2019
How to Keep Company Morale and Culture High
Dillon Chen
Establishing and maintaining a strong culture and high morale is an important part of any company’s success. A solid culture makes it clear to everyone what your company does and how it does it
Company Culture 31 May 2019
How to Create a Healthy and Productive Environment for Evaluations and Feedback.
Britta Howlett
Effective feedback is a critical component of a successful performance management program and should be used hand in hand with setting performance goals. If effective feedback is given to employees on their progress towards their goals, employee performance will improve.

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