July 3, 2020
Hiring 08 July 2020
How to Avoid Hiring Mistakes Commonly Made by First-Time Business Owners
Tiffany Rowe
As any seasoned business can tell you, a tremendous amount of time and effort are required to get a startup off the ground. In working to ensure the success of your business, you’ll need a trustworthy, highly competent staff by your side.
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Hiring 17 March 2020
How to Find the Best Candidates for Remote Roles
Laura Buckler
According to the Freelancing in America 2017 survey provided by Upwork, 57.3 million people in the USA are doing freelance work. The study predicts that the majority of the workforce will consist of freelancers by 2027. Currently, 47% of Millennial workers are doing freelance work.
Hiring 27 February 2020
How to Evaluate Candidates Before Hiring
Dillon Chen
Why should you evaluate candidates before hiring? Well, you wouldn’t spend money buying a car before trying it out, right? Since some job positions are highly dependent on their technical skills and abilities, it's best to make sure they can do the work required of them before making the final hiring decision.
Hiring 24 February 2020
Self-Presentation Tactics to Look for in Your Candidates
Bryan Davis
The process of job hunting requires a lot of creativity. It is not about the proactive use of social media. It is about standing out in a competitive job market. As such, job seekers need to employ some self-presentation tactics to land on their dream job. Self-presentation is a way of exhibiting confidence and authenticity at the right time. This is not a one-time thing but a habit that must be practiced.
Hiring 24 February 2020
How to Ensure Your Employer Brand Is Helping Your Hiring Process
Linda Le Phan
As great as any product, service, or business plan looks like from the outside, no business could grow and flourish without great talent on the inside. What this means for you, as a company leader or person who’s involved in getting the right talent into your organization, is that attracting and retaining great people on your team ought to be a constant top priority.
Evaluating candidates, ATS, Qualified Candidates
Hiring 19 February 2020
Understanding Hiring Software: Why It Works and Why It Sometimes Doesn't
Britta Howlett
Many companies big and small are moving towards using applicant tracking systems or ATS, in an effort to make the hiring process less tedious. If employers relied on HR managers alone to do the vetting process, the hours would be endless.
Hiring 19 February 2020
How to Overcome Bias when Hiring
Dillon Chen
“Diversity in the Workplace” has become an often-heard phrase commonly passed around in companies across all industries. There are many reasons why a diverse company is arguably stronger than its less diverse counterpart.
soft skills, behavioral skills
Hiring 12 February 2020
Why You Should Hire for Attitude, Not Skill
Rowena Morais
The costs of a bad hire go far beyond finances. Considering attitude when hiring someone will ensure that you make the right recruiting decisions!
interns, hire interns, should I hire interns?, internships, summer interns
Hiring 10 February 2020
Hire Interns? Or Not to Hire Interns? That is the Question!
Dillon Chen
Oftentimes when you hear the word intern, it's usually followed by or near "free labor" or "assistant". Too often an internship which can be beneficial to both the employer but can end in a lack of satisfaction for both parties. So, to hire interns? or not to hire interns? That is the question we'll be exploring.
Hiring 10 February 2020
How to Save on the Cost of New Hires
Dillon Chen
How much does a new hire cost you? There’s a lot of information out there on this topic, and lots of studies and estimates trying to answer this question
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Hiring 10 February 2020
7 Terrible Things Recruiters Do That Scare Away Potential Hires
Audrey Robinson
Hiring can be hard, even if it’s done well. As a recruiter, you know how long and complicated the process can be. If you’re looking to optimize your hiring efforts, you’ve probably looked into things like automation and unconventional methods to fetch great candidates. But have you ever asked yourself if you may be part of the problem?
hiring, unconventional interviews, character, soft skills,
Hiring 03 February 2020
Hiring with the Heart in Mind
Britta Howlett
Interviews, when conducted properly, can really help determine many different aspects of someone’s personality.
Hiring 18 December 2019
How ATS Integration Helps Empower Your Company
Kelly Barcelos
In the corporate realm today, companies that integrate an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into their recruitment process tend to attract and hire the best candidates. It’s an innovative hiring strategy that helps organizations easily achieve their recruitment objectives since you can digitalize and centralize applicants’ information in one place and scrutinize their behavior to identify the best candidates.
Hiring 12 November 2019
Is Age or Experience More Important? Top 9 Tips for Employers
Guest Poster
Placing an advertisement for a job is followed by a deluge of applications. Usually, they fit into one of two categories: older, yet experienced or young and inexperienced. Which of the two is more important?
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Hiring 23 October 2019
Shifting Recruiting Tactics in the Age of Tech
Guest Poster
What does the future of recruiting look like? If technology use today is already foundational to daily operations and job performance, then relying on digital tools and smart software will become an essential asset for any business or HR team looking toward success down the line.
Hiring 24 July 2019
Roles in Hiring: Improving Your Hiring Strategy
Dillon Chen
With all the new technologies and evaluation methods, and everyone getting involved with hiring, things can get a bit complicated. To help you out, we’ve simplified the hiring process into 5 specific roles and responsibilities that will help you improve the hiring process and hire more effectively.
Hiring 04 June 2019
Should You Train New Hires Before They Start Work?
Britta Howlett
The first few days of being hired can be nerve-wracking for any new hire. They are in a new environment, they don’t know anyone and they have no idea what they are supposed to do. The new hire wants to make a good impression but they are looking for guidance to know what to do. It is the manager's job to help the new hire feel comfortable and help guide them into this new job.
Hiring 30 May 2019
What Do You Do When a Candidate Says No?
Britta Howlett
You have worked hard at looking at applications, interviewing several people and figuring out who to hire. When you finally find the right person for the job, you get excited about offering them the job. Then the worst scenario happens: the candidate declines the job offer. What are you supposed to do now?
Hiring 30 May 2019
Archiving and Rediscovering Candidates
Britta Howlett
Once a job description has been posted, hundreds of candidates start sending in their applications. Some applications will be very impressive and some will not. You perhaps only have one or a few openings so what do you do with all the other impressive applications? The best thing you can do is to archive the candidate.
Hiring 30 May 2019
Onboarding: Employee Statuses and Important Forms
Dillon Chen
When hiring employees, there are a few things you should keep in mind before and after you begin onboarding them. To help you out, here are some of the common processes and forms you should be aware of
Hiring 27 May 2019
How to Handle Candidate Negotiations like a Pro
Guest Poster
As a pro HR recruiter, you want to use your negotiation skills to attract and motivate the best talent to work for your company. HR managers can use negotiation skills from negotiation seminars to sell top candidates on the benefits of working for their company. By using these shared skills and experience, recruiters can secure top talent without having to offer a big salary premium.
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Hiring 16 May 2019
What's the Deal with Job Boards?
Britta Howlett
There are many sources employers can use to find the best talent. One popular method is to post on job boards. Companies can post their open positions and accept applicants right away.
Hiring 16 May 2019
What Can You Automate in Recruiting?
Dillon Chen
During hiring, you don’t want to rush things. Finding the right candidate often takes a lot of time. Research shows that the typical hiring process takes about 24 days on average to hire in the USA with some places in the world taking up to 40 days to find and hire the right candidate.
How to Better Work with Hiring Managers
Hiring 29 April 2019
How to Work Better with Hiring Managers
Dillon Chen
The value and importance of the hiring manager are oftentimes overlooked. Whether they are coordinating with the recruiting team or internal department heads they are the first point of interaction with candidates
Hiring 25 April 2019
What Hiring Managers look for in a Candidate
Emily Banks
We surveyed 10 hiring executives to find out what stands out most to them when reviewing candidate applications.

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