July 25, 2021
Interviews 25 September 2019
Interview: Souvik Majumdar
Dillon Chen
Our exclusive interview with Souvik Majumdar, CEO of Continuous Performance Management software company GroSum.
Interviews 09 February 2018
Interview: Imo Udom
Dillon Chen
Technology is changing the world and the way companies are hiring. One of the latest new improvements is using video interviews during the hiring process. In our exclusive interview with Imo Udom, the CEO of Wepow, we get an inside look at the world of video interviewing and what it’s like to be a CEO in this industry.
Interviews 18 December 2017
Interview: Valerie Martinelli
Alexis Ang
Today's interview is with one of our favorite guest posters, Valerie Martinelli! Valerie is the CEO & Owner of Valerie Martinelli Consulting as well as the founder of Innovate 50/50. She is a Women’s Executive Business & Leadership Coach as well as a HR/ Management Consultant.
Interviews 01 November 2017
Interview: Stever Robbins
Dillon Chen
ProSky's exclusive interview with Stever Robbins, An executive coach who helps people live an extraordinary life. Know as the Get-It-Done-Guy, he is an advisor and mentor to senior managers and CEOs in several high-growth companies. and runs a very successful podcast about productivity and success at life/work.
Jason Saltzman Alley
Interviews 13 October 2017
Interview: Jason Saltzman from Alley
Dillon Chen
Our interview with Jason Saltzman, CEO and founder of Alley. Alley is a post business incubator and shared workspace for entrepreneurs.
Interviews 28 September 2017
Interview: Ji-A Min Ideal
Alexis Ang
Our exclusive interview with Ji-A, the head data scientist at Ideal. Ideal specializes in AI for recruiting software that automates time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, screening, and messaging - all within your ATS.
Interviews 03 September 2017
Interview: Todd Raphael from ERE Media
Alexis Ang
ProSky exclusive interview with Todd Raphael, Editor-in-chief at ERE Media
interview questions, recruiters,  The Tim Sackett Project
Interviews 17 October 2016
Essential Recruiting Tips from the Tim Sackett Project
Gisel Malek
We had the chance to interview Tim Sackett, creator of the The Tim Sackett Project

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