July 25, 2021
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Succession Planning 03 July 2020
10 Reasons to Hire Within
Clare Barkey
Provide your employees with growth opportunities by hiring from within. This post discusses ten reasons why succession planning will benefit you. Your employees and company as a whole with thank you!
Succession Planning 27 April 2020
5 Hacks to Increase Employee Retention
Crystal Huang
The bulk of most business’ overhead costs are usually labor-related. We found that if an employee did not work out or could not be promoted to an open promotion, the company would have to dive back into hiring. Therefore, everything job-related be it a promotion, taking on more responsibility, transfers, retention was really a hiring problem.
Succession Planning 25 March 2020
How to Develop a Succession Plan
Hannah Son
At its heart, succession planning is an important way to identify employees who have the current skills--or the potential to develop skills--that can help them move up in an organization, or on to other positions. Advantages of succession planning
Succession Planning 23 March 2020
Getting Leaders on Board in Succession Planning
Britta Howlett
Leadership is needed in any work environment but there tends to be a lack of it. A strong succession planning process should focus on developing candidates with adaptable and leadership skills who are ready to lead when called upon. But, why is there a lack of motivation to lead successors? How are we supposed to our leaders on board?
Succession Planning 21 March 2020
Keep the Team: 7 Ways to Decrease Employee Turnover
Emily Banks
A high employee turnover rate is more than just frustrating and time-consuming—it can be downright detrimental to business. Employers need to be aware of the dollar cost of turnover which, according to a recent Forbes article, can run as much as 50-200% of the employee’s salary depending on their position.
Succession Planning 21 March 2020
How to use Succession Planning Effectively
Isabella A
A good succession plan fills vacant leadership roles with current employees through a process that identifies and develops internal candidates to fill those vacancies.
Succession Planning 16 March 2020
Optimizing Internal Hiring with Pathways
Hannah Son
By utilizing high-impact succession planning—a dynamic, continual hiring optimization process—organizations are able to avoid mistakes in hiring and ultimately save time and money.
Succession Planning 13 March 2020
How to Prevent Employee Turnover with ProSky Pathways
Matthew Ang
Remember the excitement, the energy, and the motivation that your brand new hires brought into the company on his or her first day? Fast forward some time and the employee loses that excitement, energy, and motivation, and then he or she quits. What happened? Let’s quickly pinpoint the biggest problems and how ProSky Pathways can solve it.
pathways, succession planning, hiring
Succession Planning 10 March 2020
Introducing Pathways: Recruiting Meets Succession Planning
Gisel Malek
Does the walker choose the path or the path choose the walker? Everyone wants to be on a path, but most importantly when it comes to a professional environment being on a path signifies heading towards something.
score big with succession planning
Succession Planning 10 March 2020
How to Score Big with Succession Planning
Dillon Chen
The Championships are here! Who are you hoping comes out on top? The Warriors or The Cavs? Whatever side you're on you know everyone needs to be on point and that the game can't be carried by one single star.
How To Improve Employee Experience
Succession Planning 09 March 2020
How To Improve Employee Experience
Alexis Ang
Companies and brands spend endless hours on improving the customer experience. But what about the employee experience? It was named as one of the emerging HR trends this year and we think it's here to stay.
succession planning
Succession Planning 05 March 2020
What Are the Benefits of Succession Planning?
Isabella A
Picture this, you're a successful, thriving business owner. You've got an awesome team led by a key player who we'll call Dave. All of a sudden, Dave quits without notice. What could result?
Succession Planning 04 March 2020
How to Use Succession Planning to Benefit Your Employees
Sarah Landrum
A business is never stagnant — employees constantly shift into new roles, take leave or find new jobs elsewhere. With any change, it’s up to the remaining staffers to fill the gaps or find someone else who can. A succession plan can help you keep a talented workforce on hand always — all it requires is a bit of foresight on your part.
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Succession Planning 04 March 2020
How to use Succession Planning to Train New Hires
Craig Middleton
It might be contrary to popular belief, but a company’s greatest asset is not the current value of their shares, how many followers they have on Facebook, or their commercial real estate portfolio – it’s their workforce. Employees
Succession Planning 24 December 2019
Top ProSky Articles of 2019
Dillon Chen
Happy Holidays from ProSky! As the year comes to a close, we'd like to say thank you all for your support! It's been a big year of growth at our company blog and we owe it all to you our readers. As we begin preparing for the new year, we just want to take a moment and look back at some of the things we learned this year here at ProSky. Here are some of our top article picks from 2019.
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Succession Planning 01 August 2019
Pathways in the Retail Industry - Tying Together Front-End and Back-End Ops
Dillon Chen
Think about your typical retail job, what comes to mind? Usually when people think of Retailers like Walmart, Smiths, Kroger, Gap and such, you think of the front-end retail operation jobs such as the cashiers, stockers, floor managers etc. What most people don’t think about is those big retail companies actually have a lot of important back-end jobs that keep them running as well. Roles like accountants, marketing specialists, fraud analysts, engineers and so forth that are all necessary to the growth and development of the company.
Succession Planning 01 July 2019
Succession Planning: Getting Input from Employees
Britta Howlett
The best succession plans have a heavy emphasis on the development of employees to find new leaders. These new leaders need to feel challenged and valued. They also most certainly need to know that they are part of a plan.
org chart, pathways,
Succession Planning 01 July 2019
Reverse-engineering the Org Chart
Dillon Chen
An organization chart is a diagram that shows the relationships of different departments, teams, positions and employees within a company. It clarifies the chain of command and lays the groundwork for communication and authority. Having an organization chart is important because it allows your employees to visualize your company’s structure and leadership. It helps workers know who to report to and ensures that important information gets to the right people.
Succession Planning 26 June 2019
Pathways for Holocracies
Dillon Chen
Pathways is a great way for companies to organize their organizational structure and align employee goals with company goals. In the traditional top-down management structure that most companies incorporate, this is a great method for managers to gather feedback and promote growth among their employees. Employees progress upward through the organization ranks along career pathways.
Succession Planning 26 December 2018
Pathways: Benefits for Candidates and Employees
Dillon Chen
Pathways usually contain current positions and responsibilities, as well as a “pathway” of new milestones, trainings, evaluations, and feedback in order to progress within the organization. Ideally, pathways should exist for each candidate, employee, and position within your company.
Succession Planning 19 December 2018
How to Overcome Common Obstacles when Hiring Internally
Wendy Dailey
Everyone loves the story of the spunky kid who starts in the mail room and works his/her way to the top. It’s the “American Dream” that with some hard work, you too can make it to CEO. And many leaders say that they want to promote from within when they can. At the same time, many of those leaders make mistakes as they attempt to help staff to build a career.
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Succession Planning 24 July 2018
Making The Most of Employee Turnover
Technology Advice
Find the silver lining. Make lemonade from lemons. Look on the bright side. All those idioms about turning the negative into a positive can feel like little more than pretty words when you’re dealing with employee turnover. Why? Well, employee turnover has major implications on the health of your business. According to Gallup, at any given time, 51 percent of employed adults in the United States are at risk of leaving their current jobs.
Succession Planning 24 April 2018
How to Have the Best Employees: Increasing Quality Through Growth
Joan Elmore
Increase the quality and retention rate rates for your employees. Don’t let your employees get bored. Don’t let this job seem to limit their potential. Don’t let them feel like there’s a ceiling above their desks. Give them growth. Give them challenges. Give them the feeling that this job makes them better.
Succession Planning 06 March 2018
How to Drive Growth with Pathways
Crystal Huang
Your business is a living, breathing organism, made up of unique employees, processes and strategies. Gone are the days of a one-size fits all approach. Instead the most successful companies are custom tailoring their strategies and growth pathways for employees. This not only benefits the company but helps the employee feel valued, be rewarded for efforts and helps maintain a healthy company culture.
Succession Planning 29 November 2017
How to Streamline your Onboarding Process with Pathways
Hannah Son
Onboarding begins on day one and can make or break a new hire’s experience with a company. First impressions really do matter so you better make sure your onboarding process is streamlined. Onboarding sets the overall tone for a new hire and it profoundly affects their productivity levels and caliber of work produced.

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