July 25, 2021
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Training and Development 18 November 2020
Improving Employees Soft Skills
Hannah Son
employee development is a long-term initiative that should be at the top of your to-do list. Not to mention that it also leads to short-term benefits like increased loyalty and improved performance.
Training and Development 14 August 2020
Improve Employee Engagement by Following These Trends
Duncan Kingori
Whether you followed the career path your childhood memory was fascinated by, or you delved into something else, one important thing stands out: how engaged are you at work? (Same question can be asked reflectively if you have employees- how engaged are they?) Sadly, one in three U.S employees scoffs at the concept of employee engagement because it is so far from their reality. While some totally cannot connect with the company’s mission, and others feel like fishes out of water because they’d rather be elsewhere. Employees are less productive because they lack the motivation to be at work, leaving their minds unengaged!
midlevel managers
Training and Development 06 July 2020
Why focusing on Mid-Level Managers is Important for Your Company
Livia Cretan
In business, we often seem to focus less on the management team, and more on the glamorous and exciting work of leadership. Putting the right management team in place takes time and a lot of effort, but with proper training and investment, great managers can turn into amazing leaders.
Training and Development 01 July 2020
How Digital Transformation is Changing Employee Expectations
Michael Deane
New technologies are reshaping how employees and managers see their roles in their organizations. Recent technological innovations, such as digitalized project management and workflow automation, are changing the way we work. But, in their efforts to implement a digital transformation, businesses often forget about the experiences and expectations of their employees.
Training and Development 23 June 2020
Implementing an Effective Training Program
Hannah Son
Training is the backbone of an organization’s success. Installing a concrete employee training program will provide any company with heightened standards as well as improved productivity, efficiency, and profitability.
training and development, employee training, succession planning
Training and Development 27 May 2020
Training and Development Will Equal Success For Your Company
Hannah Son
Finding great talent is hard, but what’s even more challenging is keeping the talent you have engaged so they will stay. Unless you continually reinvest in developing your employees with successful training, they may leave and you will find yourself back at square one trying to procure more talent. And although training may sound expensive and time-consuming, turnover can be devastating
Training and Development 25 May 2020
5 Quick Steps on Writing a Killer Employee Development Plan
Charles Ebert
In all employee development circles, it’s often said that the manager who develops employees is better off than the one who’s simply managing the employees. The simple reason for this assertion is that the former is helping the employees improve whereas the latter is simply overseeing the completion of tasks. This fact is closely tied to all employee development plans.
employee development
Training and Development 21 May 2020
Employee Development Plans
Isabella A
If employees see that career goals are attainable and are provided a vision on how to attain them, they will be more incentivized to stay in the company to pursue those goals.
Training and Development 14 May 2020
Working After COVID-19: What to Expect
Ankita Poddar
The internet is overflowing with predictions on what life and work will look after the pandemic. There is no doubt that some things will change, yet history has shown us time and again that we are extremely inaccurate when it comes to predicting the future. Will we eventually default to our old ways or learn from everything we experienced?
Training and Development 11 May 2020
Creating Effective Employee Development Plans
Hannah Son
New plans, products, technology and strategies are constantly appearing. If your employees are not being trained on these, you are putting your organization at risk. This is where a good employee training and development plan will help your organization grow and facilitate greater employee engagement.
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Training and Development 06 May 2020
How Employee Development Plans fit into your Business
Dillon Chen
You worked so hard to find and recruit the perfect candidate for your company. Now that you have them, what’s next? Do you just set them to work and then hope they’ll come in every day ready to give it their all?
Setting Clear Expectations for Employees
Training and Development 22 April 2020
Setting Clear Expectations for Employees
Dillon Chen
Everybody knows the importance of communication. Whether it be with family, friends, coworkers or customers, proper communication is what helps us understand and connect with others. Clear expectations lead to seamless communication and will help overcome barriers if problems and challenges arise.
Training and Development 13 April 2020
Simple Ways to Build Trust with Your Employees
Dillon Chen
Trust is an important part of any relationship. Increased trust has been shown to increase engagement with employees and improving their quality of work.
Training and Development 08 April 2020
7 Tips on How to Build Effective Teams
Brandon Stanley
One of the greatest responsibilities of a leader is to push the team towards better performance. The relationships within the team are essential in that aspect. An effective team will definitely outperform a disconnected collective, where people work individually. The process of team building is nothing abstract. It demands a great deal of effort on the part of the leader.
Training and Development 10 February 2020
7 Abilities to Look for When Hiring Graduates
Diana Adjadj
Graduates make great candidates as they are generally well-educated and happy to learn. They are newly independent are looking to work hard and make money. University will have taught them a lot, so they’ll have some decent experience to bring to the table. There are, however things to look out for when hiring graduates.
Training and Development 15 January 2020
How to Engage Your Employees This Year
Britta Howlett
What is this year going to look like for your company? Perhaps it will be about innovative products, or perhaps this year you will focus on growth. There are many goals to be made at the beginning of a new year but I think it’s safe to say that everyone's goal is to succeed.
Training and Development 06 January 2020
Making the Leap from a Full-Time Worker to a Full-Time Business Owner
Michael Deane
Working for somebody else has its benefits – you don’t have to think about making big and important decisions, running a business, ensuring that everybody gets paid, or dealing with complicated legal stuff. Though this kind of arrangement makes you feel safer, it can still hinder your personal and professional growth and prevent you from achieving your full potential.
Training and Development 11 December 2019
How to Give Constructive Feedback to Employees
Guest Poster
Giving negative feedback can be difficult and many employers avoid it altogether. However, negative feedback can be an important tool that increases employee engagement and productivity. It is only effective when it is delivered in a constructive way.It is only effective when it is delivered in a constructive way. With leaders as mentors, employees learn to appreciate negative feedback because they know the intention is to help them improve.
Training and Development 13 November 2019
How to boost employee engagement
Serena Dorf
Disengaged employees are the biggest enemy of your business. Tools and strategies can only get your organization so far, but it is the employees who need to do their part of the work and help you to implement the planned activities.
Training and Development 18 September 2019
How to Help Employees Thrive and Be Successful
Craig Middleton
Behind every great working business, there is a support system of employees working hard to keep it going. There are many different methods that you can use to train your employees and if done properly you won’t have to worry about them straying away from your training.
Training and Development 04 September 2019
7 Ways to Create Employee Well-Being
Michael Deane
Only a happy and healthy employee is a productive employee. In order to keep your employees motivated and productive, it’s essential to create a culture of well-being and try to make sure that people who work for you are satisfied.
Photo by DoDo PHANTHAMALY from Pexels
Training and Development 24 July 2019
Benefits of a Remote Internship Program
Dillon Chen
Remote internships differ from a typical internship in many ways. With the convenience of technology, you are now able to hire and manage interns without needing to have them come to the office every day.
Training and Development 03 July 2019
Strategies for Maintaining Engagement of Freelance Workers
Melissa Jordan
For specific parts of a company's operations, outsourcing work to outside employees may be a necessity. This is where the gig economy comes in! Instead of permanently hiring new employees, short-term contract workers or freelancers may be hired short-term to do a particular job.
Training and Development 10 June 2019
Why Successful People Work Less and Get More Done
Lidia Staron
There is certainly MORE with LESS, especially when it comes to productivity. It seems that clocking more hours at work does not always lead to getting more stuff done. In this article, you will find facts about work and productivity that successful people swear by.
Training and Development 30 May 2019
Offer Letter Template
Dillon Chen
Offer letters are formal documents extending a job offer to a candidate. It’s useful for clarifying all the terms and requirements that go along with the job offer as well as details about what the position entails.

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